If you have have anxiety, depression, brain fog, or other problems with mood regulation or mental health, the approach that is likely to maximize your chances of improvement should be a multifactorial one.

This means you may want to consider “top down” approaches like brain retraining tools, Neurolingistic programing, neurofeedback, somatic experiencing and in some cases psychotherapy.

But you’re also going to want to consider “bottom up” approaches, like considering your gut health, blood sugar control, whether you have a thyroid issue – and another important factor to consider is healing “leaky brain.”

Many people have understood “leaky gut,” but may not yet have come across the newer kid on the block: “leaky brain.”

“Leaky brain” is a brain health issue that often goes undetected and can underlie stress, anxiety, depression, neurological disorders, brain degeneration and autoimmunity.

Caused by various lifestyle factors — infections, stress, trauma, poor diet, environmental toxins — leaky brain is treatable and preventable.

So there is an important summit called the Leaky Brain Summit exploring the entire subject of leaky brain being run by my colleague and friend Dr Ryan Wohlfert and his clinical practice partner Dr Elena Villanueva.

Recently, a patient came to them with a Parkinson’s diagnosis. She was unable to move her arms voluntarily and unable to walk, and among other symptoms, reported high levels of stress and anxiety, trouble falling asleep and severe fatigue. 

They ordered testing and discovered she had underlying mold infections and environmental toxins (both known to alter brain chemistry and cause neurological symptoms); they then started her on protocols to address the infections and toxins and to support her nervous system…

9 months later the patient was virtually symtom free!

So check out this invaluable summit exploring “leaky brain” and automatically obtain their 33-page eBook, 13 Steps to Balancing Your Brain Chemistry without Dangerous Prescriptin Medication. Register your free spot now.

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