5 Levels Pyramid PinkEven 5000 years ago, the Indian yogi’s like Patanjali knew that humans don’t just have one “body.” In truth when it comes to health and healing we have at least five “bodies” to consider, not just one. These include the physical body, the emotional/energetic body, the mental body, the intuitive body and the spirit body. Each body has its own type of physiology and anatomy, and different healing modalities are appropriate for different levels. Health imbalances can be originating from any of the “levels” or bodies, so it is important to treat the imbalance at the level it is originating from.

Sample Video Clips from a separate interview with Niki

An introduction to the topic is available for free below in two 20 minute clips to give you the idea of the general topic. In the full presentation at the end, Niki goes into much more detail about how different therapies are used for different levels of healing, what the “rules” governing the levels are, and how we all create our reality from all the different levels simultaneously.

These shorter videos were created based on the interview I did with the Mickel Therapist Kim Knight from New Zealand as part of the Global Health Telesumit on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME in 2011.

The interview was originally audio only – but is greatly enhanced by having pictures now – this helps explain some of the concepts. The 5 Levels of Healing actually comes from the Indian Yogi Patanjali but has been popularized by Dr Deitrich Klinghardt.

Interview with Niki Part 1

This covers the basic introduction to the 5 Levels of Healing, covering the physical body, energy body, mental body, intuitive and spirit body, with a focus on understanding how thoughts and feelings impact your physical well-being.

Interview with Niki Part 2

This video covers discussions about the implications of the placebo effect, how thoughts and feelings impact health and DNA expression.


Interview with Niki Part 3

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