FlowerStep No 1: Take a Concurrent Integral (Multi-factorial) Approach

Many people approach optimum energy in a piece-meal way, looking for single one-shot approaches, or focusing on one theory of imbalance only and thus don’t get the best out of their health strategy for well-being. Optimising energy is similar to the way a plant or seed grows. Plants and seeds need a multi-factorial approach (psychology, nutrition, supportive emotional and physical environment) to grow – they need all of these below together:

• Mineralized Soil
• Sunlight
• Water
• Carbon dioxide
• Love
• Time

Many people may hear that certain psychology techniques are really supportive, then they try those for 6 months – little happens OR they feel great for a while then go backwards, so they stop and do something else – say mineralizing the soil for a further 6 months which could equate to say optimising mitochondrial function – on and on, looking for the next thing and the next…

Clients then say they have “done everything” – they may have done a lot, but did not work concurrently with approaches, nor usually understand the next 6 Steps to Optimum Energy.


Step 2: Realise You have at least 5 Bodies to look after – Not just 1!

It helps to understand that you don’t just have one body to look after – you actually have 5 “bodies!” And each has its own type of physiology and anatomy. It is important for most people to address all the bodies or “levels” of health for vitality and optimum energy. How much emphasis is placed in each level is different from person to person, and is often defined by working out which area needs most focus for the individual. This diagram shows the 5 bodies as 5 levels of healing in a pyramid:

Five Levels of Healing Diagram

 5 Levels Pyramid Pink

So at level 1, you have a physical body to support, here you may use diet, supplements, exercise, drug medication, dentistry, and structural work such as osteopathy and so on.

At the energy body level 2, this is made of an electromagnetic field – a kind of “body electric.” Here is where approaches like yoga, breathing work, Gi Gong, earthing, acupuncture, understanding the role of electromagnetic pollution and the importance of “earthing” which is walking barefoot on the earth is important.

The mental body level 3 includes your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about health and wellness. It includes the conscious and unconscious mind. Here approaches like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental Field Therapy (MFT), hypnosis and so on are appropriate.

The Intuitive Body level 4 is the Higher Mind and collective unconscious and is where treatments such as shamanic healing, past life regression, family constellations therapy, light and sound therapies are appropriate.

The last body known as the Causal Body and actually doesn’t need healing as such – opening to this level of awareness however can profoundly support optimal health and often comes in where people are choosing to see their health and lives in a deeper way- as a type of “awakening” and part of their actualisation or evolution as a human. I talk about this in depth in the spiritual model.

Remember you have at least 5 bodies to consider if you want to feel great and have good energy – this is good news, you have more opportunities to discover how to feel great!

stomachsStep No 3: Understand You are Unique and Biochemically Individual!

Every human being is unique and different – and we are ALL biochemically individual – we will all have parts which vary from the population norm. This picture shows drawings of stomachs taken from deceased bodies in the book Biochemical Individuality by Roger Williams. Just look at how much they vary in shape and size?!

And have you ever wondered why some people seem to do brilliantly on one type of diet, then another person will feel bad on the very same diet? Some people swear by a high raw, vegetarian diet – and others swear by a high protein Paleolithic type diet! How can this be? It is because we are all metabolically and genetically different.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” optimum health approach – the key is establishing what your own specific needs are. Many people can become discouraged when they try a number of approaches which “worked brilliantly” for someone they know – and yet there was no impact or even negative effects when they tried it for themselves.

Remember the road to optimum well-being is unique for all of us – “one man’s medicine is another man’s poison!” Taking steps such as establishing the right diet for your personal needs through metabolic typing and undertaking some functional testing to find out what your personal well-being needs are is advisable

heringStep 4: Understand Chaos Theory and how it applies to Optimum Health

What has chaos theory got to offer us in terms of understanding how to have great energy? Well all living things – ourselves included – are “complex adaptive systems.” Characteristics of complex adaptive systems include holism, diversity, spontaneity, self-organization, emergence, and coevolution between systems and their environments.

Complex systems are highly flexible and are constantly poised on the edge of being a coherent organized system and collapsing into what appears like chaos. Complex adaptive systems thrive in their instability allowing them to adapt at the edge of chaos. They are non-linear and attempts to control them are destructive, and they cannot be broken down into separate, more simple parts.

The human immune system is a complex adaptive system. Even human consciousness displays the characteristics of complexity in many of its abilities.

So when we make a conscious decision to step towards greater health and vitality or more money, or finding a relationship or anything else in our lives, anything which exists as a system or web of interconnected parts – is going to collapse into what looks like “chaos” for a while in order to allow the emergence of a better more efficient system.

It happens with financial systems – something the world is going through at the moment. It appears to happen when the human body is rebuilding to a new level of health – they even knew about this in the 1800s and called it “Hering’s Law of Recovery”.

Constantin Hering was a German physician in the 1800s and after moving to the United States, he became known there as the Father of Homeopathy. Hering’s Law of Cure states that patients recovering from a chronic illness follow certain patterns; in particular illnesses or symptoms return and clear in the reverse order of appearance.

So someone can be doing all the right things for their health – then suddenly appear to go into chaos – a return of previous symptoms and sometimes a complete collapse! But it’s systems theory – it’s the chaos required before a new healthier system can emerge!

It catches of us out in all aspects of live – we ask for something not knowing for a while we are going to appear like we have received the opposite!

Understanding systems theory allows you to TRUST through the chaotic periods – don’t fall into worry and the trap of trying to over-control during these times. Stay relax and make allowances for the extra time and rest you may need. You’ve not done anything wrong – this is a necessary time, it’s necessary for the change to occur so that greater and better things can come into our lives!

The KEY is to understand that as the body strengthens, old imbalances and latent infections and toxins need to resurface and be experienced to be released. It’s part of getting to optimum health – don’t let this cause you to lose faith and give up!


scalesStep 5: Understand the Scales Effect or the Tipping Point Effect

Many clients can slip up and think that a single approach “did it for them” in terms of optimising their health. So they may, for example have spent years on nutrition, biochemical and structural approaches – with only a small return. Then one day they complete one more approach – perhaps psychology one – and suddenly a large improvement occurs – so they assume THIS was the key and ONLY approach they needed. But this is often far from the truth.

Very often, optimal health works like removing weights from one side of a set of scales. So say each sub-optimal health behaviour (like smoking, not exercising and negative thinking) causes the scales to be imbalanced to the left. Each approach to optimise health removes a weight, but nothing may be felt until that last weight is removed – and finally the scales to suddenly move and an improvement is felt all in one go. It is like reaching a tipping point – then great feelings of well-being occurs quite fast.

This is the reason many people can give up too soon – they may have done many approaches concurrently – not realising they are stronger than ever – but there was one last weight needed to be removed before all of a sudden – big improvement is felt.

Too often people give up and go backwards on other approaches that are in fact supportive – so they put these weights back on the scale. If they then finally did do the one approach that would have provided the “tipping point” – it might not work because the other approaches were abandoned too soon.

Step 6: Take the Long Term Perspective to Optimal Health

This diagram below demonstrates how most people reach and maintain optimal well-being. We live in a quick fix society where we are not tuned in to longer term trends, but tend to fixate on “the small stuff” in the short term which doesn’t appear to be going our way. Part of the process of achieving anything in life is that “blips” or apparent setbacks occur along the way. These are not to be feared or blown out of proportion. Blips happen on the road to optimal energy – it’s just they start happening less frequently, are less deep and last for a shorter period of time – but they DO happen.

Graph to Optimized Energy


People often loose touch with their progress then get overwhelmed by a natural temporary blip. If they worry about the blip it can make have a bigger negative impact than it needs to.

It is paramount to understand that set-backs can and do happen – it’s a natural part of life and optimal well-being HOWEVER, they will happen:


1/ Less frequently
2/ Last less long
3/ Be less deep

Be prepared – blips WILL happen – don’t blow them out of proportion, do not assume you aren’t making progress overall.

CommunityStep 7: Focus on Health and Well-Being rather than an illness or health imbalance

While we always recommend seeing a qualified medical professional when you have any health condition, it also makes sense to focus on improving even further what is already working health-wise in the body at the same time. Ultimately optimum health is a co-creative process between your physician and your body. The physician or treatment doesn’t do it all – your body ultimately heals itself with the support of practitioners.

Remember whether you have an acute injury like a paper cut or even a broken leg – it is ultimately the body which reconnects and heals the skin and bones – not just a drug or practitioner.

Maintaining optimal health and living a longer more healthy life could include approaches from all the five levels of health including optimum personalised nutrition, avoiding environment toxins, improving psychological and emotional health, good pacing, rest and sleep as well as specific therapies where appropriate to an individual.

Focus on health and well-being and strengthening what is already working well in the body if you also have a health condition





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