Here is my latest Video Blog, with more details in writing below. Please note we had a lot of fun interviewing Harry Massey (a speaker from The Abundant Energy Summit) about his 3rd documentary health film called “Supercharged” which covers the highly relevant topic of how to have abundant energy for life. You may have seen Harry’s previous movies, check out the trailers for The Living Matrix Movie and Choicepoint.

We decided to leave the funny outtake of his dog appearing at the 7.05 minute mark. If you enjoyed the video, please let us know by liking my page below or commenting on this post!

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Details on another Abundant TV Interview Confirmed – Alex Howard

Energy_Logo_FINAL2Interviews with Trudy Scott and Dr Damian Downing are in progress, I can now announce we will also be interviewing the founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic Alex Howard.

Alex Howard1

Alex suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome/ME for 7 years before recovering and writing about story in his first book Why ME? He went on to co-found the award winning Optimum Health Clinic in London (with Niki)  which now treats many thousands of patients in over 35 countries around the world. The clinic protocol is based on functional medicine, nutrition and psychology techniques including NLP, EFT, meditation, psychotherapy and life coaching. The clinic published a pilot study showing its results with CFS/ME patients in the British Medical Journal Open in 2012 and is now undertaking a full randomized controlled trial with the University of Surrey. Alex’s full bio is here.

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