SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) is a hot topic at the moment, and many people with fatigue and pain issues appear to have it.

The most common SIBO symptoms are IBS and bloating, and there are many other complications such as leaky gut and yeast overgrowth that make it difficult to diagnose and treat SIBO.

There’s someone I’d love for you to meet—her name is Shivan Sarna and she has an incredible story of dealing with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) while being a TV host for one of the top ten networks.

Like many of the millions of SIBO patients, Shivan didn’t know that she had SIBO for many years.

So Shivan decided to clear up the confusion and provide a place where SIBO patients and doctors, nutritionists, and wellness practitioners could learn how to improve SIBO.

That’s why Shivan is hosting her second SIBO SOS™ Summit this October with many interviews, treatment options, and recommendations.

The summit is free to attend and you can register here for The SIBO SOS™ Summit II here:

Here are just a few of the guests and topics:

  • Dr. Allison Siebecker, Shivan Sarna, and Kristy Regan—Delicious Nutrient Rich Foods to Eat Even When You Have SIBO
  • Susanne Breen—When a SIBO Patient is Also a SIBO Doctor: The Obstacles and Strategies That Work For Her and Her Patients.
  • Dr. Megan Taylor: Been There, Done That! Help For Patients From a Doctor With Chronic SIBO
  • Dr. Norm Robillard—Choosing Diet Over Drugs
  • Angela Privin—How a Gut Health Coach Cured Herself of IBS After One Year of Paleo Done Right
  • Whitney Hayes—The Art and Science of SIBO Treatment
  • Jason Wysocki—The Importance of Neurology on GI Health and SIBO

I can tell you right now, this summit is going to be an incredible resource to anyone dealing with SIBO. If you’re looking for the most current and in-depth info out there, you’ll definitely want to learn from these experts.

Register for the free SIBO SOS™ Summit Part II now:

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