We now have over 5000 people registered for the Weekly Sound Healing Circle on Sundays! When you sign up you also receive unlimited free access to all previous healing sessions.

If you have already registered for the weekly healing circle, no need to register again.

In tomorrow’s session I’ll be talking briefly about strategies to protect against man-made Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) to help reduce stress and stimulate the vagus nerve so we can access longer time periods in stillness.

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What People are Saying

Soooooo grateful for your work.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate your help and your wonderful info sections and meditations. I share the link as often as I can and I believe it is making a difference in our world and my inner world. Many blessings

Niki, I find the Self Love Meditation to be a very grounding start for my day. Today the word “WORTHY” really sank into my soul and resonated as pure TRUTH! I will carry this feeling with me going ahead…no matter what. Doing healing work for all on this planet, it seems vital that I embrace worthiness. I AM Good! Thank you from my heart for your loving guidance!

Thank you very much for your weekly healing meditations.I have found them all wonderful and a great help.

See you all tomorrow!

Niki and the Emotional Detox Team

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