AE_Day3BannerWe are looking for affiliates who would like to sign up for free to become affiliates of the Abundant Energy Summit and earn 50-70% of any final sales. The summit runs FREE for 8 days as you may know, but also goes on sale during and at the end of the summit.

Affiliates can earn a generous 50% of any final sales for the first 1000 people they sign up (and 70% above 1000 people).

If you are a practitioner or have a following of people who would be interested – we’d love for you to help us reach many many more people with this free and extremely important information about how to optimize energy and overcome chronic fatigue and related illnesses.

Sign up as an affiliate here:

You can find marketing copy and all the information, pictures and banners you need to post out about the summit at

Thank you!

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