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More Energy!

What would it feel like to have double or triple your current energy levels? What would you be doing in your life?

Less Pain!

What would you being able to do if you weren’t distracted by pain any longer?

Improved Mood!

What would it be like to wake up enthusiastic, happy and optimistic about your day?

Healthier Digestion!

What would it feel like to have a happy well-functioning digestive system again?

Better Memory!

What would it be like to think clearly again, to have a great memory again?

Deeper Sleep!

How would it feel to finally wake up refreshed and energized after a great night’s sleep?

What People Are Saying

“I can honestly say, without fear of exaggeration, that these treatments have completely turned my life around. I have a quality of life and sense of purpose I’d never even dared to dream of. I feel better than I’ve ever done in my life (even before I got ill) and I’m confident that I can cope with whatever life chucks at me in the future. If you are considering but are feeling doubtful, my advice would be “go for it.” It may seem difficult to believe it at the moment, but this approach really is an opportunity to turn your life around. Please allow yourself this chance – you definitely deserve it.”

Paula H


“The help directed at supporting the adrenal system made a marked difference and also very quickly – within 2 weeks of starting. Been ill for over 16 ½ years and suffered these symptoms throughout that time: 1. Back of head, neck tender and painful to touch and to lie on pillow. This disappeared in 2 weeks and 4 months on has not reappeared – fantatstic. 2. much less tense – coiled spring feeling has eased and nearly totally gone3. when rest and relax, not overcome by head pains and whirling thoughts etc Also general energy and stamina improved noticeably since starting supplements.”

Patricia D.


What You Can Expect  Working with Niki and Her Emotional Detox Team

Niki takes on a number of limited one to one clients where she provides them with a fully customized strategic plan in the form of the “Emotional Detox Report.” Click on the image on the right or here to see the full contents of the report.

The report analysis is based on a combination of:

  • Analysis of two comprehensive clinical questionnaire you will complete when you sign up
  • Comprehensive analysis of your history
  • Mental and physical symptom analysis
  • Advanced pattern recognition
  • Energy testing
  • Medical intuition 

You can just order the Emotional Detox Report with no consultation, or you can order it with consultations. Your one to one consultations will take place with one of Niki’s certified Emotional Detox Master Practitioners, who will be able to spend twenty, forty or sixty minutes in consultation time to go through the report with you. See the options and related costs below.   

What People are Saying

“Your work has been the essential missing piece in my healing journey. You have synthesized so much research in the biochemistry of emotion and its disease consequences. You have connected all the dots. That enables you to present a comprehensive and coherent view of the emotional trauma underlying so much disease today. I’m unaware of anyone else in the field doing what you do. Bravo! Thank you for giving me the critical knowledge I needed to be able to weather the emotional storms of healing. I couldn’t be doing it without you.”

David S

Company Director

Why work with Niki and her Emotional Detox Master Practitioner Team

Niki’s training draws on almost 15 years experience with 1000s of clients internationally as an award-winning functional health practitioner and medical empath. While Director of Nutrition, Niki designed the nutrition protocol for one of the largest mind-body clinics specializing in fatigue in the UK which was later published in the British Medical Journal Open.

Due to Niki’s rare comprehensive training and research across multiple types of healing modalities, she has a unique ability to elicit the deep connection between underlying psycho-energetic imbalances, trauma and identity issues that may be interrelated to biochemical and metabolic disturbances in the physical body, and move people forward in their healing journey. See her full bio.

The Emotional Detox Master Practitioners

Jan Clementson Bsc mBANT CNHC

Anne Pemberton MSc, PGCHE, PGCE, RGN

Andrea Grandson NT NANP

Lee Harbour Cert EDP

Nira Sarlak ter Veld CHHC

What People Are Saying

Niki and her advice to help me emotionally detox has completely changed my life. I felt like I’d reached a stage in my life where I was healthy physically, but had another project to work on – my emotional health. I knew I had emotions that I needed to address. And while I’d done many things successfully, Niki was able to take me to that next level to more quickly and effectively release negative energy and emotions that I felt were holding me back – not only in my personal relationships, but in my business as well.  I just felt like something was blocking me from living my best life. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew emotion detox was at the root. Niki is an expert and has such a depth and breadth of knowledge in emotional wellbeing that she is my go to person for the latest and most effective methods of emotional release. I highly recommend her counsel and her programs. I do her meditations and recommedations every single day without fail and they have been truly transformative.

Wendy Myers

CEO Myers Detox

Listen to this Interview with Niki

What People are Saying

“I am beyond grateful that Niki’s work showed up in my life. It has been an answered prayer. From the first time I heard her featured on a podcast, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her teachings are so intelligent, inspiring, comprehensive, compassionate and cutting edge.  It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life. A blessing of the highest level. They say when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. Her work is the most comprehensive, cutting edge and complete work I have found. It’s like a work of art married and a work of science and created an intricate path for healing and growth. She is a conductor of a symphony of knowledge, timing, precision, wisdom, compassion and intuition. I have implemented many of her teachings into my daily routines. From my earliest morning blood sugar and red light routines, to afternoon meditation and biofield tuning sessions to evening circadian rhythm, detox protocols and gratitude practices to optimize sleep. I have been blown away with Niki’s intuitive skills. They have been spot on and eye opening! After years of searching for the missing links in my health journey and trying several other methods, it is comforting to know I have the answers all in one program that cares for multiple layers of our life journey.  Simplifying my health journey is both a relief and a gift. It’s Phenomenal. As a busy mom of 3, I enjoy modeling these routines for my family. There’s a ripple effect to learning and growth! If you’re considering this journey and feel it resonates with your path….. Inhale. Exhale. And Get Excited. Cheers!”

Courtney B

Mother of 3

Let’s get started

Option 1

Emotional Detox Report only. No consultation 

Cost: $1000.00 USD


Option 1

Option 2

Emotional Detox Report with 20 Minute Consultation

Cost: $1166.67 USD

Option 2

Option 3

Emotional Detox Report with 40 Minute Consultation

Cost: $1333.33 USD

Option 3

Option 4

Emotional Detox Report with 60 Minute Consultation

Cost: $1500.00 USD

Option 4

What People Are Saying

“I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped Elizabeth over the past year. The improvement in her is staggering and I feel she is truly well now. She is thinking of taking a gap year next year and trips to goodness knows where. This would have been impossible last year. So thank you so much for giving her her life back and for giving my daughter back to me. It’s been a tough few years but she is proof that with the right help, recovery is possible.”

Jackie C

Mother of Client

“I wanted to share some exciting news, we are moving to Dubai/UAE…the reason I wanted to share is because I could never have even considered doing this without your input, into my health and as inspiration to train myself, you have been a huge influence on quality of life… and the opportunity to have real adventures again. When we first consulted I could never have imagined being well enough to relocate like this. Thank you.”

Victoria F

Nutritional Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Are consultations in person or remote?

All consultations are carried out remotely, ideally by Skype or Zoom.  Telephone is also possible.

Do you take on international clients?

Yes absolutely, because the consultation format is Skype, Zoom or telephone, we can take on clients from anywhere in the world as long as the time zone is compatible (and you speak English!). 

What labs tests do you offer and how much do they cost?

The Emotional Detox Report is highly comprehensive and most people only need very little or minimal external lab testing, however, when findings need to be confirmed with blood, urine, stool or saliva testing, they will be optional and costs very much depend on your budget, how relevant testing may be and whether they will be worth the investment. Below is a list of tests that can be ordered covering blood, saliva or hair where appropriate:

  • Comprehensive stool analysis testing for digestive health including parasites
  • Comprehensive mitochondrial function testing
  • Endocrine testing including adrenal, thyroid and sex hormone panels
  • Comprehensive nutritional status, or individual vitamins and minerals
  • Testing for toxins including sensitivity to heavy metals and chemicals, urine and or hair testing
  • Comprehensive food intolerance testing
  • Neurotransmitter testing
  • Metabolic testing (e.g. for pyroluria)
  • Genetic testing
  • Standard panel of basic blood tests (usually carried out by GPs)
How much do the supplements cost?

Supplement costs can vary and depends on your personal needs and of course, your budget. Protocols can be adjusted to suit your needs, but generally people take between eight or twelve per month. All supplements recommended are of the highest quality available in the market per our research, and the most efficacious for the purpose they are being recommended. When you sign up to the consultation and report you will have an account opened with our recommended supplement dispensaries.

What People Are Saying

“I am now able to tolerate a wider variety of food which after 34 years is a welcome relief. Whilst still taking care my energy levels are gradually improving. I have seen so many so called specialists in the case of my illness but the testing was new to me and has offered new solutions which have greatly improved my health”

Anne N

“My IBS symptoms have almost gone. I had been suffering this problem for at least 20 years. Having someone who new about this illness and understands how it really feels was a great help. I would recommend anyone to see Niki”

Linda W

“Thank you so much for all the telephone calls and everything you have done to help me to increase my physical health. It has been really great to be able to contact you and talk to someone who understands and has apositive plan. I feel so much better… I have felt supported all the way, which has also been really important, so thank you.”

B Knox

“I had given up thinking about “being normal” ever again, however the improvement I have experienced has given me new hope. Niki is very willing to give any extra support needed at any time – this is MUCH appreciated and I am not made to feel ignorant when I fear I am asking obvious questions.”


The Principles of Abundant Energy


Everyone one is unique both biochemically, energetically and psychologically: what works for one person, may not work for another, so your program for abundant energy needs to be personalized to your unique needs.

A full spectrum approach which addresses the whole person is the most successful approach to boundless energy. Your physical, energetic and psycho-emotional bodies all matter when it comes to building unlimited energy levels. All three need to be optimized.

You are 100% responsible for for your health and achieving abundant energy. Vibrant energy is dependant upon education and a commitment to make the changes necessary. No person, organisation or institution will care about your energy as much as you do.

Your body knows how to heal itself. With your positive, optimistic expectation and intention, and a supportive physical, energetic and emotional environment, endless energy CAN be yours. Trust is key.

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