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For media queries, please see go to the Media Page for more information.

Please note:

If you are member of the free weekly Sound Healing Circle, please note we cannot answer general or personalized health questions on email. For general health questions, we and request you ask these in the Live Q and A section after each sound healing session. We do endeavor to answer questions related to concerns with detoxification or contraindications.

If you are a member the Emotional Detox Program, please note we cannot respond to general or personalized health queries. We request that you either post your general questions in the private members Facebook Group (alias accounts are accepted) or save your question for the next Live Q and A. We will respond to questions about possible concerns related to detox reactions or contraindications.

If you are working with a certified Emotional Detox Practitioner and need help with personalized health questions and or possible concerns related to detoxification reactions or contraindications, please email your practitioner directly, and be sure to adhere to the guidelines on emailing practitioners here.

Thank you for your patience.

Niki and the Emotional Detox Team

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