Hi, it’s Niki here,

 So almost 200,000 people attended the Trauma and Mind Body Super Conference – it was a resounding success and the feedback has been amazing!

 I’m excited to announce I will be launching a FREE Emotional Detox Masterclass Training on the 17th August. Hold the date!

 You’re going to get over 3 hours of the very best FREE practical advice on diet and lifestyle factors to optimize mental and physical health, downloadable sound therapy to help transmute emotions, tools to reset and calm your nervous system and so much more!

 It will all be completely free and interactive, and I’ll be announcing more details soon.

 In the meantime, there are some fabulous free events coming up where I am a speaker.

Nathan Crane who was on our Trauma and Mind Body Super Conference has interviewed me for his upcoming Healing Chronic Stress and Disease summit.

Nathan overcame addiction due to childhood emotional trauma and we talked in this interview in depth about how to resolve trauma and clear the emotional pain which so often leads to addiction – not to be missed!

 When you sign up to this event you will get world-leading Gigong Master Mingtong Gu’s guided meditation (he was also on our Trauma Summit!), Ancient Wisdom and Guided Meditation for Overcoming Fear and Anxiety, and realize your ability to transform anxiety into love and inner peace.

–>>Sign up now and receive Master Mingtong Gu’s free Guided Meditation!

 So that’s it for now – take care of yourselves and see you all soon,


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