My good friend James Maskell from the Evolution of Medicine has taken on the much-needed task of hosting a summit on interpreting genetic testing for health.

Whether you have already completed a “23andme” test, or you are planning to undertake genetic testing, this should be an absolutely fascinating summit.

Having certain gene “Single nucleotide polymorphisms” or “SNPs” can mean that we may have a propensity, under certain environmental conditions, to develop certain ailments or biological responses.

For example some people have SNPs which mean they have a prolonged cortisol response to stress (the “stress vulnerability gene”), or be impacted by trauma more than others, for example.

The good news is, finding out about your genes doesn’t mean you a doomed to a certain responses or ailments, it means you will know how to change your environment to support and optimize your health.

As such, this information is power and it will enable us to reach our full health potential.

Genetic testing is part of the personalized, precision medicine movement – this summit is not to be missed!

Register for The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit:


Your host, James Maskell, has gathered world-renowned leaders from genetics, genomics and functional medicine. These pioneering experts are on the front lines interpreting data to create improved health in patients around the globe. It’s time to join the movement to know who you are, and use that information to improve your health!

Register for FREE now at the following link:

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The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit will teach you about:
– Your predisposition for diseases and how to minimize manifestation.
– Genetic health traits your children are likely to inherit.
– Whether your medications and supplements are right for you.
– How to unlock previously unsolved health challenges.
– And more!

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit is online and free from August 21-28, 2017!

I’ll see you online at this educational summit!



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