BIOME17_banner_day-7Dr Kellman, the host of the hugely popular upcoming Microbiome Medicine II Summit said that my interview with him was a “landmark interview” and the “most important one on the summit.”

Dr Kellman and I talked in depth about how the functional medicine approach to gut health was a “partial truth,” but not the whole picture.

In this interview for the first time, I talk about attachment trauma  and cover in detail the impact of emotional trauma on the health of your microbiome. Not to be missed…

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BIOME17_banner_attend_600x600WHY ATTEND?

Your host of The Microbiome Medicine Summit 2, Dr. Raphael Kellman, has seen the profound healing power of microbiome medicine and how it can address many diseases.

Once you understand the staggering role the microbiome plays in every single aspect of your health, you’ll understand the keys to a healthy and meaningful life.

The Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit will teach you about:

  • Enhance brain function, mood, anxiety and depression
  • Address gastrointestinal illnesses, including IBS, Crohn’s and colitis
  • Counter newly identified GI/brain syndromes
  • Address autoimmune diseases (at the root cause!)

Microbiome Medicine 2 Summit is online and free from May 8-15, 2017!

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I’ll see you at the summit!



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