Some of your final comments and feedback about the summit have been phenomenal and I thank you very much indeed!

“I just wanted to thank you for an excellent series of lectures during the Abundant Energy Summit. I want to compliment you as an interviewer/moderator. You are the best I have heard. You are able to bring out information from the interviewee, contribute related information and not dominate the interview. You have an excellent skill with this and thank you for setting up this summit.”

“I’m enjoying the Abundant Energy Summit. It is wonderful information like  no other. You have organized the speaks in a very  succinct manner and the content is ‘out of this  world’… that where perhaps,  we all intercommunicate and transcend. You have been very organized for this summit an your summaries and questions are so well thought out and helpful. In Gratitude!”

“Your seminar has been fantastic!! I just listened to the encore presentations at 1:00 a.m. US time as I was out of town with work all day. Thanks again for this wonderful and awesome presentation” 

Extension of the Encore Day by 12 hours – so you can now watch the final day until the end of Tuesday 1st September EST USA!

So you still have a chance to watch the highest voted 5 talks  – voted on by you the attendees! Click below for directions to watch Dr Sarah Myhill, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr William Walsh, Ashok Gupta and Dr James Oschman…


This also means we are extending the Summit Sale Price by one more day – so you can still own ALL 30 talks at half price!

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