Feedback from yesterday!

“Really enjoying the speakers on your summit -exceptionally well informed and articulate, wonderfully guided by yourself. Thanks for all the work you put into this”

“This just might be the best health summit I’ve listened to as yet because I find it do universally informative and helpful! And I listen to many!”

“Niki, just a quick note to say how much I’m enjoying your Abundant Energy Summit. I can’t imagine how much work you have put in to make it come off so well. I’m well informed but I’ve learnt so much, and frankly, even when I know the information, to hear it presented in such an approachable and upbeat way has energy-shifting properties alone!”

“Hello Niki, all your interviews are brilliant! You are extracting/encouraging the most out of these interviews/excellent focus, direction and clarity.”

“The summit is amazing!! I am really enjoying every talk!! Thank you!!”

We only have 3 days left while it will be possible to buy the summit at just $47 or £29. After that we go on sale for $97, so, don’t miss out!

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What to Expect on Day 6 – (Due to be Released Early Afternoon UK Time)

On Day 6 we continue through our health odyssey moving into the realm of the brain and the power of thoughts, beliefs and consciousness itself in affecting our health and well-being. Having covered functional and physical environmental issues, energetic aspects and the role of physics in health in days 1-5, now we really get into the science of “psychoneuroimmunology” or mind-body medicine.

Unmissable presentations today from two speakers who have recovered themselves from chronic illness and run successful international clinical practices helping others do the same using mind-body techniques, a New York Times best-selling author on the role of intention affecting our health, and the greatest theoretical psychologist ever helping us to expand our understanding and incorporate multiple types of human intelligence and developmental psychology into our framework of reality!


Don’t miss our on hearing today’s talks – click below to attend for FREE early afternoon UK time today (Saturday 29th)!


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