Feedback from Day 6:

“I just want to say thank you so much for your summit! I haven’t missed a talk yet and I’m learning so much, things I would have expected the CFS clinic i visited to have told me. Even the talks I expected to be a little be over my head were so well explained and you’ve given me so many things to think about and discuss with my Dr, I hope the rest of the summit is as amazing as the first half. I can’t explain the hope you’ve given. Thanks again.”

“Niki, wonderful, wonderful summit. Thank you!”

“I am in awe of the Abundant Energy Summit. I am so grateful for this wonderful summit and learning so much as we go.”

“I love all the wonderful information offered in these summits. Thank you all for all your time and hard work. The things I have learned in the summit has helped me change my health and educated me to help others. Ya’ll totally ROCK!!!”

There is now only today and tomorrow that the summit price of $47 is available for owning all 30 talks. Summit sale ends on Tuesday morning EST, USA.

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What you will learn on Day 7

Don’t miss the incredible work of Patricia Fennell on the 4 phases of chronic illness, the world-leading psychoneuroimmunologist and burnout expert, Dr Joan Borysenko, the Head Researcher of Heartmath, Dr Rollin McCraty and the New York Times best-selling psychiatrist Dr Judith Orloff:


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