Feedback from Day 7

“This summit has been really exactly what I have needed both personally and professionally! Again Thank You so much for all you have done to make this all possible! A few of my friends are thinking about buying in to the program. I wasn’t sure I could afford it but am considering it now that I have listened over the past few days! Again thank you so much for this treasure! With LOVE”

“Many thanks for all the talks on the summit and all your hard work. A lot to think about and work through!”

“Thanks Niki, fantastic summit (my favourite so far) and I’ve learnt so much to apply into my own life and help clients”

“I’m watching as many presentations as possible and am bowled over by the quality of the information and speakers”.

“So many great speakers at the summit that it’s really tough to choose. And Niki, you did such a fabulous job interviewing each and every one.”

“All the speaker were absolutely brilliant and Niki, your interviews were spot on! You were gracious and complementary and artfully helped to bring out every last diamond of information in each topic, while making is seem effortless. You are a really smart cookie! Spectacular Job! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you to all involved.”

“The Abundant Energy Summit is going on as I type this post out to you! It is fantastic and the speakers are outstanding. It’s free daily – you can also buy in to the sessions to listen when your time allows.  Niki is brilliantly leading us through each session with great reflection wisdom and insight.  Wishing you an abundance of LOVE and Energy!”

Who Won the Attendee’s Votes on the Best 5 interview of the Summit?

Here are the votes now in!

  1. Dr Sarah Myhill
  2. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt
  3. Dr William Walsh
  4. Ashok Gupta
  5. Dr James Oschman

And the great news is – you can now listen to these AGAIN for Free as part of the ENCORE Day. These will be released early afternoon UK time and around 10am EST USA today (31st August) and will be available for 24 hours!

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