As you know, I highlight the need to identify and resolve emotional trauma as foundational to recovering from fatigue and many other chronic illnesses.

Symptoms associated with unresolved trauma include a hyper-stress response, anxiety and depression, all of which can lead to:

  • Biochemical changes like suppressed immunity, leaky gut, brain inflammation and endocrine imbalances.
  • Changes in behavior that can sabotage our best intentions on a health program, such as workaholism, lack of rest, discounting our own needs, over-helping others and additions to any food, chemical or activity which distracts us from unresolved painful emotions.
  • Changes in unconscious beliefs and a negative mindset like believing we don’t deserve health, joy, abundant energy and well-being.

The conundrum for sufferers is that correcting the way we think and feel can be addressed through psychological AND physiological changes. For example, we can address anxiety by balancing our gut bacteria!

The mind and body are truly “one thing,” so I am delighted to share with you a free 4-part training series by Dr. Kelly Brogan, holistic MIT-trained psychiatrist and author of NYT bestselling book, A Mind of Your Own.

Dr Kelly is one of the major thought-leaders in the functional medicine community today – I know her training will be worthwhile, so check out the first free video below:

Video 1 Banishing Brain Fog

Are you battling with brain fog? Do you struggle to have the clarity and energy you wish you had, so you can live the life you know is within your grasp?

Then watch 3 Tips for a Clear, Focused Mind, the first video:


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