Now closedNY Times bestselling author Ari Whitten’s next video contains another magical new word that most of you wont know about – if you’re interested in doubling your energy levels that is.

In Ari’s first video, he gave a light overview of our current exhaustion pandemic and outlined the two big keys to improving energy levels.

The two keys are:

  1. Promoting efficient cellular regeneration
  2. Building a powerful cellular engine

In the second video you learnt 3 simple but powerful strategies for addressing number 1: promoting efficient cellular regeneration via something call “autophagy.”

Now closed Ari addresses point 2: building a powerful cellular engine. How will you do that?

By understanding another new word.

The word is HORMESIS.

I LOVE Ari’s clear explanation of hormesis and how it’s going to supercharge your mitochondrial function (cellular engine).

This third video is science-backed, full of actionable strategies and potentially life changing!

Even if you cannot exercise at the moment due to fatigue – don’t worry! You still need to understand hormesis. There are multiple ways to boost mitochondrial function via hormesis!

Don’t you want to have more energy and overcome fatigue?

You CAN.

Now closed.

To supercharged energy!


Now closed

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