In case you missed my post a few days ago, we have a superb solution for healing stress, boosting your mood, healing emotional lability and optimizing physical wellbeing.

Niki is offering a FREE Emotional Detox Video Masterclass. You can watch it instantly here.

It’s FREE – but hurry, the training comes down within 8 days

In the free masterclass Niki is focusing on practical tools using Sound Therapy.

Did you know sound therapy can dissolve stuck emotions, shift epigenetic expression and even stimulate stem cells?

Many scientists and researchers believe sound therapy is the future of medicine:

“Sound energies can “sing” with stem cells…to reprogram cell gene expression and fate, activate natural repairing abilities, and counteract cellular aging processes, paving the way toward unprecedented strategies of regenerative medicine”

Carlo Ventura MD. PhD., Cardiologist, Professor of Molecular Biology and Stem Cell Researcher

What People Are Saying

“I have been listening to the Self-Love Meditation. I have begun to realize how much I don’t love myself due to lots of trauma early on in my life. However, with this meditation, I have seen that it is possible to live in the present moment and be released from the negative feelings & emotions of my past. It is possible to really love my self from my soul. I can now release the disconnection feelings I previously held onto. This has paved the way for me to have an openness with my therapist as never before. I am now working through issues where previously I was stuck in shame & guilt to the point that I was unable to have a meaningful dialogue with her. Now things are coming to the surface where I can face my deepest fears & be released from them. Thanks so much for making this available to me!”

What does that mean for you? It means you can overcome anxiety and depression and have a sustained OPTIMUM MOOD and ENERGY!

So, if you’re looking for cutting edge tools and science to boost mood and overcome stress and emotional lability…

Then go watch this video now.

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Get ready for superb practical tools to BETTER mental health and a better life – starting today.

See you shortly!

Niki and the Emotional Detox Team

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