My free Master Class Training on Emotional Detox is now available again! This free training will only be open for a short period – so don’t miss out!

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What Will You Learn?

As you may now know from following my work on Adverse Childhood Experiences, early life stress and trauma is the most underexposed risk factor in the development of BOTH mental and physical imbalances.

After 15 years of research and interviewing many world-leading experts on healing both trauma and physical illness, I believe that sound therapy has a tremendous amount to offer and will become a core part of the medicine in the future.

In this Emotional Detox Master Class we are going to focus in specifically on:

  • The current science behind sound therapy
  • How sound therapy transmutes beliefs and emotions, shifts epigenetic expression and stimulates stem cells for physical regeneration(!)
  • How to create an amazing upward virtuous spiral in your mental, emotional and physical health
  • Practical tools and examples to get started with a sound therapy practice right away
  • Details on a clinical breakthrough using tuning fork therapy in the comfort of your own home, offered as part of the Emotional Detox Program.

Registration just opened today. I recommend you sign up ASAP, because this training will be taken down in just 10 days

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Remember, mood, brain health and physical energy is the foundation that everything in our life depends on. Just think about how improving these could change your life.

I can’t wait for you to watch this!

You can gain instant access now  (for free) here.

Take care for now,

Niki and The Emotional Detox Team


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