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Yoga Therapy is a wonderful healing tool for stress release and healing trauma. It is also an excellent support along the way for those of us on our spiritual awakening path, also known as Ascension. 

Doris Puehringer

My name is Doris Puehringer I am a certified Yoga Therapist.

Yoga Therapist, RYT-500International Association of Yoga Therapists Yoga Alliance –

Registered Yoga Teacher CPR and AED Certified

Loyola Marymount University – Yoga Therapy Rx & Advanced Yoga Therapy Rx-Level II


Every Saturday 7pm France/Europe Time/6pm UK Time/1pm EST USA and 10am PST USA

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What People Are Saying


Thanks so much for the class. It. really was the best yoga class I’ve ever attended! Loved the combination of techniques and breathing like in qigong,

Really enjoyed that class thank you. The time passed so quickly and the class was first class.



Absolutely loved the yoga class!! Thank you for offering it for free! I look forward to next week session already! I also so appreciate your healing work – thank you for all you do and share as well!

I really enjoyed the yoga therapy class. A good gentle pace although longer than I anticipated.

That was brilliant! I’ve barely moved for a few years now because of body pain.  I have tried a few yoga classes but they seemed impossibly difficult and I didn’t make it through.  This was the perfect balance between challenging and doable for my body.  Somehow Doris’s class helped me change my mindset from “my body can no longer move this way” to, “This is challenging and eventually my body will relax into these poses and release the pain”.  I’m feeling hopeful and excited for the first time in a very long time.  The best part was the moment when I suddenly remembered  how amazing it could feel to be in my body and move. It was actually euphoric.  Thank you Doris for this gift!  Love and light


I loved that it was so gentle and that Doris kept reminding me to do things like relax my shoulders which were almost always tense every time she instructed us to relax them. She spends a lot of time explaining the proper position of your body which is very good so we don’t end up hurting ourselves. I LOVE that she included Qigong. I could not do all of it now b/c I’m recovering from surgery but this will be a lovely gentle way to get my body moving again.

Thank you for this class. Great stretch, not difficult poses, helped to release some tension I had, and I absolutely loved music at the end. Thank you so much for what you are doing.

Doris, what a wonderful class today — thank you so much. It’s been more than a year since I’ve done yoga, so there was a lot of built-up tension. I’ve practiced yoga off and on for a decade or so, and in just one class you taught me new positions and stretches. I look forward to participating each week (and more!), and thanks again for your generosity in offering this class!

Thanks to Doris for the yoga, there is lots of wisdom in her session….loved it. It is fantastic you have made a replay available, as I am in Brisbane Australia, so without a replay 3am would be challenging.

I am extremely grateful for your beautiful meditations…..Lots of love to you and your team.

I loved all of the class and the whole body approach ! Thank you!

Hi Niki and Doris. Thank you for the excellent presentation. Thank you.

 Today my husband and I participated in the Yoga session.  I have been doing yoga for decades and he has been doing chair yoga for several years.  We both found today’s session to be excellent.  I picked up a few tips that I hadn’t been aware of.  Thank you! With sincere gratitude,

Absolutely loved the yoga class!!  Thank you for offering it for free!  I look forward to next week session already! I also so appreciate your healing work – thank you for all you do and share as well! Many blessings!

The class was great – it was a combo of the pre nidra stretches my current yoga teacher uses, plus some of the yin moves she teaches; but also a lot of it was like a yin class I took a few years ago. The teacher is a healer and did many of the things Doris recommended- like stretching the feet.  So it was a real joy to experience this again with Doris, plus new things I hadn’t done before. But the wonder really started afterwards- I could feel the looseness in my joints, the free flowing energy throughout my body. I haven’t felt like that in many many years. It was so freeing, and whilst I was in quite a good mood today it really sent me soaring. I’m so delighted with the results so far. Really looking forward to next week. Thank you both so very very much.

Wow! Thank you Niki for bringing Doris to us and thank you Doris for your caring and so generous offering of your Therapeutic Yoga class. There were many elements of the class that felt restorative.

I loved Doris’s yoga session. Beautifully done. Slow and clear. Perfect!

Warm wishes to everyone involved in these amazing offerings,


What a wonderful class that was, and what a superb teacher!  I trained as a Yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga back in the early ’90s, so I am fairly fussy – sadly as my CFS/ME/Fibro got worse I not only had to give up teaching but I couldn’t even manage a ‘normal’ yoga class as a pupil, which I found very depressing.  But I thought I would try Doris’s and was SO impressed: she is clear, helpful, and not only tells you what to do but how to do it and how to modify it if you are unable to, for instance, sit cross-legged.  I feel so much better than before the class (during the first 20 minutes I kept yawning as my body relaxed: I hadn’t even realised it was tense!) and will most certainly be back!  Astonishingly by the end my very painful neuropathic feet were almost pain free, despite not being able to do the exercises expressly for feet – she is a miracle worker!  Thank you Doris for your expertise and kindness, and Niki for facilitating it.


I thought it was a super session with Doris.  As an older person with stiff hips some of it was challenging, but I look forward to progressing over time and once I have the recommended blocks and bolster to assist. Many thanks for gifting us this class.


First and foremost, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for putting this awesome class on for us!!! It was fantastic, and I appreciate Doris’s thorough stretching exercises very much!  I have been practicing yoga for many years now, am reasonably flexible in my body, though it is 64 years old, and I had a couple severe knee injuries (not from yoga), including a deadly sepsis infection, and a major thigh bone fracture in the past 2-5 years. Bending the knee all the way is still quite painful, so I usually just have my legs flat on the mat and exercise that way. Doris’s techniques are special – thank you Doris! I am looking forward to more!!! Lots of love and bright blessings!


Thank you for bringing this class to us. I only caught the end (after the first 40 minutes) but it is a brilliant class. I like the gentle movements and the excellent directions Doris was giving. I really felt like I had a good workout after the class and felt relaxed but energized in a very good way. With a lot of gratitude for all you do and offer,


I just wanted to say thank you for reconsidering and letting us over the other side of the world have 12 hours to enjoy the yoga session with Doris, I didnt fancy getting up at 3am. I did it as soon as i got up this morning and it was a beautiful start to my Sunday. She has the most amazing energy, uplifting yet grounding. I was having a difficult weekend with emotional detox symptoms and generally feeling run down and miserable, but after a sauna and a magnesium bath last night, a good sleep and then Doris this morning, I feel like I am back on track!


Thank you so much. I LOVED your session. I look forward to many more weeks of watching you make it all look so easy! I feel rested and relaxed now, and love the music at the end of. thank you.

Today my husband and I participated in the Yoga session.  I have been doing yoga for decades and he has been doing chair yoga for several years.  We both found today’s session to be excellent.  I picked up a few tips that I hadn’t been aware of.  Thank you! With sincere gratitude,



The free yoga class was excellent! Doris is great and I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend…I am currently 8 weeks post-op from a lumbar fusion and was still able to do a majority of the poses. I liked that she gave options and alternatives for those with disabilities or inability to do the proper pose completely. I am looking forward to working up to full bends, leg extensions, etc. Thank you again – this was really a wonderful opportunity!


Thanks a million for organising the session yesterday……many many MANY years ago I used to do Iyengar  Yoga and the session yesterday reminded me of that – including how unstretchy I have become. I had my first experience of Yoga Therapy with Doris yesterday and it was both enjoyable and beneficial.  The focus was on Stress Release, and Doris took us through a series of movements with clear verbal and visual instructions that made it very easy to follow and get the most out of. I also appreciated the additional comments she made about the impact of the movements on muscles and joints and how that helped with both physical and psychological stress release.”  Many thanks. Already in the diary for the next weeks……..

thank you doris. Love and gratitude to you. It was great

Thank you it was great thank you for the replay as I attended from Australia


Thank you so much. I LOVED your session. I struggle with knee pain so I had to improvise with many of the moves but I look forward to many more weeks of watching you make it all look so easy! I feel rested and relaxed now, and love the music at the end of. thank you


Thank you for the yoga therapy session on Saturday 5th June. Doris you had a lovely engaging and professional manner. Although a lot of the poses were too strenuous for me due to chronic illness I did find the yoga therapy extremely relaxing and therapeutic, particularly the releasing breath work. I love the feeling you get when a class finishes with this. The flute music was so relaxing and would like to hear this again. Thank you so much to you both for your support and generosity!


I got to watch it and I learned so much… I think it is crucial for anyone starting yoga or even doing yoga because I realized my posture was off this whole time… would it be possible to air it again so I can practice the basics and also so we could spread the love and opportunity to others that are looking for healing please!!!! Thank u so much,