It is important to understand that many electronic devices today run at frequencies which can directly interfere with out Energy Body frequencies leading onto eventual disease and illness. Watch the essential-viewing video by Dr Klinghardt below for more information on the research links between EMFs and health.

I recommend avoiding keeping ANY electrical items in your bedroom area especially at night as the sleeping area is one of the most important places to keep clean. No:

1/ Cordless phones – switch back to phones with cords

2/ Wi Fi devices (e.g. Wireless internet) – switch back to wired broadband

3/ Mobile phones – switch off completely at night

4/ All other devices near your bed which use electricity including lights and radio clocks.

I recommend battery run clocks at night or none at all. Minimize the use of mobiles, avoid keeping them on your body and use “hands-free” technology, avoid using laptops and other computers on your lap. These are direct actions you can take—but what can be done about telephone and electricity pilons and electrical wires which may be running through the walls (especially around my bed area)?

One way you can protect yourself is by painting your walls with special paint that can deflect frequencies. If you are worried about electrical currents which will still be running through walls near your bed (even when switches are off) the safest way to ensure no currents are running is by turning the electricity off at the fuse box in your house.

Going Barefoot and Earthing sheets

One of the best ways to balance and feed your Body Electric is connecting barefoot to the earth for 40 minutes per day. The earth is like a huge mothership of negative ions which balances and heals your Body Electric. Only walking on grass, soil, beach and concrete will work because this conducts electricity. Painted and carpeted floors as well as wooden floors do not work.

As it is difficult to always be outside for this period of time barefoot—especially in the UK due to weather(!) a brilliant alternative is to buy an “Earthing Sheet.” These are undersheets which have metal thread stitched through them with an earthing plug on the end which simply plugs into a normal plug socket.

I have posted extensively about earthing research and how it works. See these block posts:  Posts on EARTHING

For more information see this very important video by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt:

Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time – Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt


Other Devices

There are many “devices” out there which are supposed to protect you against EMFs. Unfortunately there is little scientific evidence proving that any of these work. On the other hand this does not mean that none of them work either. So our recommendation is that if you do want to buy a device like a piece of jewellery, ensure you buy one with a return policy if you do not notice any benefit.


Take up Qi Gong

Research is showing that one of the best ways to protect your energy body from EMFs and rebuild your biophoton and electric energy field is Qi Gong. Interestingly specific research on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME is also showing Qi Gong can be directly beneficial for patients.

 See some of the studies here.

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