First you need to complete the energetic home clean up recommended in “How to Look after Your “Body Electric.”

Second you need to understand that you want to be promoting coherent light in your biophoton field per the article. Read the article How the “Light Body is linked to DNA and Your Health” to understand more about coherent light.

Tips to promote a coherent healthy biophoton field:

1/ The Light Body and Power of Sunlight

In the above we have mostly only covered help for the “Body Electric.” Your light body can be supported in the following ways:

1/ Avoid exposure and ingestion of heavy metals—specifically mercury prevent and block receiving and emitting light energy at great cost to your health. Get your fillings checked and replaced if necessary—speak to your practitioner and see the heavy metals handout for more information.

2/ Get as much sunlight as you can everyday –without burning. Humans need sunlight—intuitively many of us know we feel better on a sunny day and during the summer rather than the winter.

3/ Sunlight is also required for the production of vitamin D in the body. Note that between September and March in the northern hemisphere sunlight is not strong enough to manufacture vitamin D so we recommend supplementing vitamin D over the winter months. Speak to your practitioner for an appropriate supplement.

4/ Sunlight also affects our moods  – less sunlight often causes SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in many patients. If you feel affected by this Light Boxes are clinically proven to help this condition and provide sunlight for your Light Body. Note that light boxes unfortunately do not provide the type of light needed for vitamin D production in the skin.

5/ Go on holiday and get plenty of sunshine—just avoid burning!


2/ Raw Food

Raw vegetable juicing, sprouting and eating raw fruits and vegetables is a great way of supporting the energy body– it is FULL of invisible living energy forces.  This photo is of the energy field around a raw sprouted seed.

As per the article, “How the Light Body is connected to your DNA,” the German theoretical physicist Fritz Albert Popp confirmed in experiments that raw, uncooked foods tend to emit higher levels of light (photons) than cooked foods.

Having a Vegetable Juice Daily is a great way to get a high dosage of raw vegetables in your diet.


Electrognetic heart3/ Cultivating Positive Emotional States

Profound research has now been done confirming that the heart has a strong electromagnetic field around it which affects brain function, the autonomic nervous system and multiple other systems in the body. The evidence shows that your emotional state directly impacts and changes the heart’s eletromagnetic field – and thus your physical health.

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