CommunityFollowing on from the articles on why to detox, and how to complete a Home Chemical Clean up, it is advisable these days for everyone to take ongoing measures to protect themselves from toxins and make detoxification a way of life. Here’s how:




1/ Exercise Regularly to Sweating Point
The most important way the body detoxifies is through the skin through SWEATING. One of the most natural ways to detoxify your body is to exercise daily to sweating point. Ensure you shower immediately afterwards to ensure toxins are washed away and not reabsorbed.

2/ Have regular Saunas
Regular sauna therapy (such as once per week) is a great lifestyle addition for long term health. If you have a chronic illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or similar and cannot exercise, consider sauna therapy instead Dry saunas are fine, however if this is too strong, FAR infra red sauna may be better as it heats up the body rather than the air and is better tolerated by people with chronic illnesses. FIR saunas are also more effective detox as they penetrate more deeply.

Protein Shake3/ Cleanse regularly
Check with your physician first to check you are well enough, but regular cleanses can include:
• Regular juice or water fasts (e.g. once per month)
• Rebounding regularly
• Home enemas
• Colonics (e.g. annually)
• Epsom salts baths
• Dry skin brushing


Veges4/ Eat a diet high in nutrients which support detoxification:
Follow the guidelines already laid out here for optimum energy, then in addition to support detox ongoing:

• Eat a diet high in cruciferous vegetables which supports phase I liver detoxification: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflour, Brussels sprouts kale and spinach
• Have an organic vegetable juice daily here which is high in antioxidants like vitamins A , C and E
• Ensure you are eating a high mineral diet as minerals are antagonistic to many heavy metals, important minerals to support detox are zinc (fish and seafood) selenium (nuts and seeds) iodine (fish and seafood) calcium (green leafy vegetables)
• Ensure you are having at least 1 bowel movement per day (any less is constitutes constipation) drink at least 8 glasses daily of purified water (urine colour during the day should be pale yellow, very dark urine can be a sign of dehydration) and eat high fibre foods which support bowel movement: whole fruits and vegetables
• Eat quality protein to support phase II liver detoxification, white meats and fish, some red meat
• Add spices and herbs like coriander (cilantro) garlic and turmeric
• Herbal teas including dandelion, milk thistle, red clover, nettle, yellow dock, burdock leaf, beet leaf, barberry route, chicory, parsley and artichoke support liver detox
• Other generally liver supportive foods are high in phytochemicals including apples, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, artichokes, rocket (arugula), asparagus, bok choy, chard, collard greens, fennel, beets, carrots, onions, radishes, watercress

Sleep5/ Get Good Sleep
Sleep is profoundly important for cleansing. Only recently there have been major discoveries about the brain’s cleansing system called the “glymphatic system.” A study funded by the National Institute for Health in the US found that the space between cells in the brain expands during sleep allowing toxins to flush out.
Following up on that study, recently insomnia has been found to increase risk of Alzheimer’s suggesting that sleep is profoundly important for brain cleansing and preventing neurodegenerative disorders due to toxin build-up in the brain.
Sleep isn’t just needed for brain cleansing, the whole body needs to rejuvenate at night, hence good sleep hygiene is essential to stay healthy and cleansed.

meditation6/ Minimize Emotional stress

Stress whether this is primarily coming from the emotional or mental body all create a chronic states of sympathetic nervous system up-regulation. This side of the autonomic nervous system is the “flight fight response” and is the direct OPPOSITE of the parasympathetic side which could be called the state of “rest, digest, and detoxify.”
Chronic stress leads to poor detoxification, see more about this in the Limbic Kindling article. Help with chronic stress patterns and emotional trauma may need a referral to a psychology practitioner for specific work, however it is highly supportive to implement a regular practice of daily stress- reducing practices such as:

• Yoga (non-competitive)
• Breathing exercises
• Tai Chi or Qigong
• Meditation
• Heartmath or other biofeedback training
• Spending time in nature

Supplements27/ Add Nutritional Supplementation
The idea that you can get all the nutrients you need from food alone is increasingly a myth. Our intensive farming practices makes it virtually impossible to get the nutrients we need in our food. Soil and water depletion has caused micronutrient deficiencies; modern industrial agricultural practices produce plants with 75% fewer micronutrients than were present a century ago.

For example nutrition scientists have concluded that over 68% of the U.S. population is deficient in magnesium and 90% in potassium, both linked to many chronic diseases such as dementia.
Not only that, but we are now facing unprecedented levels of toxins in the environment where relying on diet alone – even if it is organic – to combat exposures is increasingly unlikely to be enough in our toxic times.

The quality and source of nutritional supplements is VITAL, and you could be doing more harm than good if you pick cheap low quality brands sold in supermarkets.
Once again this subject deserves its own blog post. The majority of so-called natural nutritional supplements – even the “high quality brands” are in fact made from extracts from dead petrochemicals! In addition, many “superfood” or food based supplements are contaminated with heavy metals or other toxins.

• A multi mineral
• Probiotics
• Fish oils
• Glutathione or glutathione precursors like N-acetyl cysteine (NAC)
• Vitamin D
• Methylation support (e.g. Folate and B12)
• Amino acids/protein powders
• Antioxidants

Cordless Phone 28/ Clear away Electrosmog

Complete the home energetic clean up and ensure you are sleeping earthed with an earthing sheet every night – very important for supporting ongoing detoxification and reduced stress levels

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