In this week’s healing circle we are going to break down what “Ascension” is, how it relates to the dimensions and the Merkabah we have previously discussed. Most people have heard of the 3rd dimension, and may have even heard of the 4th and 5th dimensions, but most people don’t understand these are states of consciousness, not physical places.

Learn about how to raise your consciousness in this introduction to Ascension teaching and join over 1000 people for the live guided musical healing and 1 hour live Q and A below, and don’t miss out on our free weekly Yoga therapy class every Saturday!

Yoga therapy is a perfect complement to help us ground during Ascension and release stuck energies.

What People are Saying


 So much has happened since last September when the healing circle began and I feel a big improvement overall. There have been some pretty crazy situations that arose and then cleared and left me on a much higher level. The frequency is changing around here! More Epsom salts baths this week. All for the better! Thanks so much.

I’m finding the yoga class to be very beneficial, especially for old emotions stuck in my feet, neck, and shoulders. And I love Doris’s teaching style: so gentle and supportive, yet precise and informative. Thank you, both of you, for making this available. Blessings,

Well, Niki, I certainly love all of your knowledge. (generosity, wisdom, joy and frankness) With a smile and gratitude

I am loving the yoga with Doris, thank you so much for these classes – they really brighten my day! Last week’s was excellent. Thank you for bringing Doris to us! Best wishes

See you all this weekend!

Much joy and blessings,