In this week’s final public healing circle, Niki will introduce everyone to the contents of the new membership platform called the Ascension Portal. We will also have our usual 40 minutes of group sound healing and 1 hour of live Q and A.

Niki also has an amazing announcement about the fact that within approximately 5 weeks, no one will be experiencing anymore emotional or physical detox symptoms in response to the meditations or commands!

 Join over 1000 people for the live guided musical healing and 1 hour live Q and A below.

What People are Saying


                I can say doing your weekly Teaching and Healing Circle and meditation for the last 10 months, have shifted me so much that I am not the same person I was back then. I am so centered, confident, more open to love, happiness, and my health is the best it has been in 72 years of my life. This has confirmed for me that I am on the right path in being consistent each week, learning more about Ascension and that new doors will continue to open up as I look for a job, after 42 years of being self-employed.

Hey I’m really loving your classes and weekly healings and meditations. You are a wealth of information and I love also learning the spiritual side of things. I am a Rapid Transformational Therapist, using hypnotherapy, psychology, NLP and COB, and many of my clients root causes to their issues go back to attachment  disorder before the age of 7, as their beliefs have left them thinking they are not enough, not loved, or don’t belong. Thanks so much for the work you do, and bringing it too so many people for free also. It is greatly appreciated.

I’ve been following your weekly Sunday sessions since you’ve started them and found them to be very helpful – I too am in a much better place now than I was last year…Much love,

See you all this weekend!

Much joy and blessings,