My very good friend Dr. Keesha Ewers is at it again, and she’s bringing even more amazing information your way. She’s put together an all NEW Reverse Autoimmune Disease Summit called The Autoimmune Brain and you can listen to ALL the talks for free this weekend starting tomorrow on October 10-11th.

I love Dr Keesha. We are almost always on the same page – a survivor of sexual trauma in childhood herself, Dr Keesha really gets that trauma can be at the root cause of so many chronic complex illnesses.

In my interview with her – we went further than I’ve ever done before on a health summit talking about human consciousness, spirituality and the role of emotional detox for healing both the mind AND body.

This is a FREE  and I truly hope you enjoy it – sign up here!

You can trust Dr Keesha!

That’s it for now, take care,


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