A life without pain may seem unattainable.  But it IS possible.  


There are some things in life that we ALL experience…. like pain.

For some people, pain takes on a much larger role than it should.

If that’s you – or someone you love, life can be truly heartbreaking, right?

Now… Imagine being able to STOP your pain. And live PAIN F-R-E-E.

Sometimes in just a few weeks or days.

The journey out of that darkness STARTS with knowing the cutting-edge information and treatments around injury, illness, chronic pain, and autoimmune diseases that are just coming to light in science and medicine.

Because it turns out – pain isn’t what we think it is.

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Join me, as my guest for the Healing Pain Summit in a few weeks, created by my good friend Dr. Joe Tatta.  Through this expert event, Dr. Joe is rewriting the dialogue around pain, healing and the epidemic addiction to pain medication.

This is your invitation to chart a new course – a life with less – or even NO pain.

Join me.  Register here – and share this event on your social media to support those you love.  https://gc182.isrefer.com/go/hpsreg16/Nikigr/

May your BEST life be within reach.


PS:  The moment you sign up you will receive 3 amazing bonus gifts (and more to come!), including a great expert interview (and transcription) on Sleep, Back Pain, and Supplements.  SLEEP is one of the pillars of healing.  Definitely save your spot today to get this bonus.  https://gc182.isrefer.com/go/hpsreg16/Nikigr/

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