Tell me if you’ve ever felt like this…

-Overwhelmed and overburdened with the “stuff” of life…like you can’t get far enough ahead to come up for air?

-Weighed down, exhausted and like you’re just not firing on all cylinders?

-Stuck in a circular habit of turning to food, alcohol or other compulsive behaviors to get a little relief?

Join me for my talk with on the Rebooting Your Brain conference!

The common thread in all those feelings lies in the 6 inches between your ears.


And you’re not STUCK with the brain you have!

The intelligence of your brain commands every part of your body and influences every part of your life.

And it’s true that your brain is plastic and changes every day.

That means you are in the driver’s seat and you can learn to feed, care for and even TRAIN your brain so you can have:

-vibrant health
-mental clarity
-greater capacity to live a fulfilling life with ease

My friend, Leah Lund, will show you how.

Leah is a Neuro Nutrient Therapist, RTT Hypnotherapist and Brain Health Coach and she’s teamed up with 30+ leading experts on the brain to teach you bite-sized techniques that you can use daily to optimize your brain. (and I was thrilled to contribute to one of these powerful 20-30 min interviews myself) It’s called

Reboot Your Brain
Wire your brain for vibrant health, mental clarity and the capacity to live a fulfilling life with ease

Go Here Now for FREE ACCESS.

PLEASE KNOW: You don’t need to be held back by overwhelm, anxiety, fear, self-doubt, perfectionism, medical conditions or food and body issues.

You can
-RECLAIM your brain
-REWIRE your programming and
-CHANGE your thoughts and your habits

Your brain is the springboard to freedom from those things.

Join me for an event that can truly change your brain and your life,

Take care for now,


PS-If you’re like me, you’d rather cut to the chase and own a copy of the event so you can listen on your own time schedule. Leah’s offering an incredible PRE-EVENT discount on the Recording Package of Reboot Your Brain.
Grab it now for only $37. Then sit back and relax knowing you’re all set to reclaim your brain.


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