Hello Niki,

In this week’s Healing Circle on Sunday 16th May, we will be explain the benefits of connecting to the “Inner-web” through divine muscle testing.

With the explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can consciousness stand up in the race for omniscience? The answer is a resounding yes, nothing will out-do consciousness.

Humans have been wired to be able to connect with cosmic consciousness or your inner divine “Source Team” so you can:

  • Learn how to test what foods and supplements are best suited for you
  • Understand what might be causing ailments and physical symptoms
  • Know whether someone is trustworthy and acting in your best interest
  • Know when people are lying (including politicians!)
  • Test the probability of events occurring and whether they are for your highest good
  • And so much more

There are keys steps and training needed to learn divine muscle testing which will be covered in the session.

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What People Are Saying

When doing the Field Clearing Meditation yesterday something amazing occurred…as I was ready! As I was clearing my throat chakra I felt a sensation of wind sweeping thru it and opening to release peacefully and fully ALL dense, dark, many years of ” stuffing” my words, feelings, and more pulverize and burst into white light and leave! Then I received the message that it was my most congested chakra…so once it released the other congested chakras are now more able to do the same. The Self Love and Health Meditations have gently guided both my mind, spirit, and physical body powerfully and gently. The Ascension Meditation puts me, along with Silent one into nirvana!Thank you from my heart for helping me heal, grow, and help others. I am forever grateful!

I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything that you do for me, for us as a group, and for Humanity! You are AWSOME!!!Tonight’s Healing Session got me to realize, at last, what my anxiety and depression spells have been all about!!! I have been DETOXING big way!Lots of love, bright blessings and only the best,

I am one of your “regulars” but the weekends are tough for me to carve out self-time….So I am “here” during the recordings.I just want to THANK YOU for this amazing work. So many ppl I have passed this along to are changing their lives for the better as well.I also want to thank you for opening your heart and being so transparent about your trauma. So profound. We all want the TRUTH these days! It gives me some hope. I have not had much of that in a few years. Your work gives me HOPE!!! I am not the neglected infant waiting to die. I am a powerful woman and I am getting better because of YOU and all of your amazing work!!So much love and respect for you!

Anyway, take care for now and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!