Hello! Watch Niki’s free Masterclass video training where she shares her journey with tuning fork therapy and how she had a clinical breakthrough which enables clients to use sound therapy on themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

She shares how she discovered:

  • While PTSD can be cured relatively easily in a short period, most people need many hours of therapy to transmute core emotions from attachment issues and childhood programing
  • Although talk therapy has its place, frequency and body therapies are at the forefront of healing core emotions and beliefs and tuning fork (sound) therapy is very effective
  • Unfortunately most people need many hours of therapy, and therefore working one to one with a practitioner, even remotely is very expensive and not viable for most people
  • She has therefore created a highly effective protocol for working with tuning fork therapy at home on yourself in her Emotional Detox Program

Are you ready for change and to take charge of your mental and emotional health, once and for all?

If you are, then go watch the video now to get started.

See you at the master class!


What people are saying

I just finished watching the masterclass yesterday. Thank you for this wonderful presentation where you have pulled all of the pieces in the current knowledge about trauma together, and clearly define how it affects us on so many levels. Sound Therapy is new to me, and your introduction to it really explains beautifully how this works.

Nicki introduced me to tuning fork therapy, and how to detox the emotions as they were released from cellular memory. I can honestly say this has been the best aspect of self care I have ever embarked upon. It has given me back my life in a much more meaningful way. Forever in gratitude.

Tuning fork therapy seems to have taken the emotional release up to the next level and now I can clearly see how suppressed emotions have been holding me back in different situations.

A quick word to tell you that after one session of The Ascension Guided Meditation and two of the Field Clearance Meditation my experiences have been more than uplifting, more than anything I have ever…Infinite gratitude for your work, I feel the potential is the potential is limitless, I feel unlimited…I feel so much energy flowing through me, as above as below…lifting the spirit as grounding myself