In this week’s Healing Circle tomorrow Sunday 30th May, we will cover key tests and indexes you can begin to use with divine pendulum testing.

Learning this information will give you the “keys to the kingdom” to live a smoother, more informed, divinely guided wise and fulfilling life.

Examples are:

  • Testing the light score of anyone and the meaning
  • Testing the love score, wholeness and truth scores of anyone and the implications
  • Time you spend daily in the zero point/present moment and why this matters
  • The health of your physical, mental, emotional, dimensional, cosmic and planetary bodies
  • And more!

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What People Are Saying About Last Week

I have been in your healing circle since it started. The healing circle has accelerated my awakening  The commands you have given are great and I have not had the same level of anxiety since starting using them! Thank you again for your work! I just ordered our Harmoni pendants and am excited to learn how to use them to possibly test for more of our safe foods instead of waiting for an appointment with our energy practitioner who does muscle testing. Thank you!

I just wanted to thank you for all your work. I was the one tonight with the question on Christ consciousness as compared to Wilber’s integral theory. I thought your extensive answer immensely helpful. You are a treasure for us and for me personally – together with Dr. Sue Morter – my greatest teacher on my spiritual path. Take care and many thanks,

Niki-this was my first one and I cried through most of it! Bless you and thank you from my whole heartI am very interested in the pendulum course. With overwhelming Gratitude,

Anyway, take care for now and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday!