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The Emotional Detox FREE Master Class provides the most radically inclusive, comprehensive roadmap to optimizing mental and physical wellbeing in existence today. Whether you are in the midst of a health crisis or committed to feeling fabulous and having abundant levels of endless energy, this training will be exceptionally useful to you and your goals.

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What You Will Learn in The Emotional Detox Master Class Series

Video 1 How to create a virtuous upwards spiral in your emotional and physical wellbeing

Landmark research confirms that early life stress is the number one most underexposed risk factor for all mental and physical illness, and that truly, the mind and body are one thing.  We cover the fact that you have at least 3 bodies to consider for mental and physical wellbeing, not just one. This lesson contains crucial information about the missing link in most approaches to optimum mental and physical health and a profoundly healing free tool for you to begin using immediately!


Video 3 Diet and lifestyle strategies to balance mood, boost health and stimulate the vagus nerve

Are you in a stress state or a healing state? If you are in chronic states of stress, nothing else you do for the health of your mind or body will work as effectively. Remarkable research shows that stimulating the vagus nerve can boost both emotional and physical wellbeing. Don’t miss this profound session where you will access 15 free practical strategies to optimize mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Video 3 Using Sound Therapy to Optimize Mood and Your Comprehensive Roadmap to Mind Body Health

 In this final session cover the cutting edge science behind sound therapy for emotional detox and draw together a comprehensive roadmap to provide you with clear foundation steps on your road to mastering mood and energy. We then cover how to avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls of advanced functional health testing, and give you a clear process which will save you $1000s! Also download a free healing sound tool for immediate use. Not to be missed!

Presented by: Niki Gratrix 

Award-Winning Internationally Renowned Mind Body Expert

Functional Health Practitioner – Medical Empath – Speaker – Trainer 

Niki is an award-winning functional health practitioner and medical empath, helping people to emotional and physical health. In 2005 she co-founded one of the largest mind-body clinics in integrative medicine in the UK. The results with patients at the clinic were published as a preliminary study in 2012 in the British Medical Journal Open. 

In August 2015 she hosted the largest ever free online health summit at the time on overcoming fatigue interview with over 30,000 attendees. Since 2015 she has spoken on over 50 large online health summits reaching over 1 million people world-wide. In 2020 she cohosted the largest ever online health summit on overcoming trauma and mind body medicine with over 90 world leading experts and almost 200,000 attendees. 

Since 2004 she has completed over 10,000 consultations in over 40 countries around the world helping people to overcome fatigue, get their lives back and live an abundant, fulfilling life.

She writes regularly for a range of health magazines in both the UK and the US. Niki has been the recipient of two “O” work visas from the USA, granted only to people who can demonstrate “extraordinary ability” in their field.

What People Are Saying

“I am beyond grateful that Niki’s work showed up in my life. It has been an answered prayer. From the first time I heard her featured on a podcast, I knew I wanted to work with her! Her teachings are so intelligent, inspiring, comprehensive, compassionate and cutting edge. To learn these new lessons and tools while gaining the confidence to work with them in my daily routine has been amazing.  I have absolutely loved this program! It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life. A blessing of the highest level. They say when the student is ready, the teacher shows up. Well, in this program, you have the equivalent of a complete team of teachers lifting up your skill levels in every area of your health. Her work is the most comprehensive, cutting edge and complete work I have found. It’s like a work of art married and a work of science and created an intricate path for healing and growth. She is a conductor of a symphony of knowledge, timing, precision, wisdom, compassion and intuition. I have implemented many of her teachings into my daily routines. From my earliest morning blood sugar and red light routines, to afternoon meditation and biofield tuning sessions to evening circadian rhythm, detox protocols and gratitude practices to optimize sleep. I have been blown away with Niki’s intuitive skills. They have been spot on and eye opening! After years of searching for the missing links in my health journey and trying several other methods, it is comforting to know I have the answers all in one program that cares for multiple layers of our life journey.  Simplifying my health journey is both a relief and a gift. I have also loved working with her team in 1-1 sessions when I need more specific support! It’s Phenomenal. As a busy mom of 3, I enjoy modeling these routines for my family. There’s a ripple effect to learning and growth! If you’re considering this journey and feel it resonates with your path….. Inhale. Exhale. And Get Excited. Cheers!”

Courtney Barras


“Niki’s Emotional Detox Programme is like no other. I was surprised to find just how powerful her meditations were. Right from the beginning I found that they were promoting very strong emotional releases.  There were lots of tears as I listened to the meditations. Sometimes I was aware of the situations that the emotions related to and at other times I just allowed the tears to flow. Biofield tuning seems to have taken the emotional release up to the next level and now I can clearly see how suppressed emotions have been holding me back in different situations. The physical detoxification reactions that followed the emotional release were quite challenging initially until I found the right way for me to minimise them.  Now, I can generally move relatively smoothly through the release process. My life has changed considerably since I first started working on my emotions. I’ve been able to let go of situations where I’d found myself stuck or were no longer serving me. As a result, my work, money and relationships have all improved. And from the health perspective, my food intolerance reactions have significantly decreased.  I can now occasionally eat foods that I once strongly reacted to. Thank you Niki for taking me on this incredible journey.”
Jan Clementson

Functional Health Practitioner

“Nicki’s emotional detox programme is something else. I had been trying to balance my biochemistry for many years but hadn’t accounted for the fact that I didn’t “feel”. On the rare occasions when i did feel I was afraid of the velocity of my own emotions. I was pretty shut down. My body gave me so many messages that I ignored out of ignorance until I had a near death experience. For me it wasn’t the magic near death experience you read about in books where people leave hospital cancer free in 3 weeks. No mine was a long laborious 3 years of peaks and troughs. That was until i learned about the impact of emotions and ACE’s on health. I was seeing other practitioners who were working on this with me but progress was very slow. Nicki introduced me to Biofield tuning, modius, and how to detox the emotions as they were released from cellular memory. I can honestly say this has been the best aspect of self care I have ever embarked upon. It has given me back my life in a much more meaningful way. Forever in gratitude.”

Anne Pemberton

Functional Health Specialist

“Finding the Emotional Detox Program and Niki have truly transformed my life. By implementing many of the strategies , I learnt how to finally control my blood sugar. Now, I can go hours without eating and not feeling “Hangry”. Circadian rhythm management, red light therapy and detox protocols drastically improved my sleep quality and thyroid health. I have steady energy throughout the day now, and I don’t have to go for an “emergency” nap in the afternoon anymore. Most importantly, I healed my childhood traumas and learnt different ways to deal with anxiety and stress. The self-love mediation helped me amazingly to feel the flow and release stuck emotions. Now I love having the vitality to live my life and not feel like I’m dragging through it. I cannot put into words how thankful I am for my personal journey of healing. The Emotional Detox Program is beyond awesome and well worth the investment. I highly recommend  it for anyone wanting to improve their health, longevity, and have energy beyond what they could hope for. Niki, I can’t thank you enough for putting together such an incredible, comprehensive and life-changing program. It is evident you have put so much time, energy and years of research into it. With deepest gratitude!”

Nira ter Veld

Health Coach

“The Emotional Detox programme is an amazing course and has helped me immensely, after years of searching I feel I have finally found the resource that covers every aspect I need to regain my health. It is so comforting having one source that covers everything, completely removing the issue of conflicting opinions so I can just concentrate on doing the work and let go of searching for answers. There is an incredible amount of information laid out in a very practical manner making it very clear and easy to implement – if you have the space to implement all of the recommendations I believe it would be truly life changing. A few months in I have seen huge benefits so I’m excited to see what my life will look like as I take this knowledge into the future”  

Lee Harbour

Psychology Practitioner

“I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped Elizabeth over the past year. The improvement in her is staggering and I feel she is truly well now. She is thinking of taking a gap year next year and trips to goodness knows where. This would have been impossible last year. So thank you so much for giving her her life back and for giving my daughter back to me. It’s been a tough few years but she is proof that with the right help, recovery is possible.”

Jackie C


“I can honestly say, without fear of exaggeration, that these treatments have completely turned my life around. I have a quality of life and sense of purpose I’d never even dared to dream of. I feel better than I’ve ever done in my life (even before I got ill) and I’m confident that I can cope with whatever life chucks at me in the future. If you are considering but are feeling doubtful, my advice would be “go for it.” It may seem difficult to believe it at the moment, but this approach really is an opportunity to turn your life around. Please allow yourself this chance – you definitely deserve it.”

Paula H


“I have been ill for 34 years… I am now able to tolerate a wider variety of food which after 34 years is a welcome relief.  Whilst still taking care my energy levels are gradually improving. I have seen so many so called specialists in the case of my illness but the testing was new to me and has offered new solutions which have greatly improved my health.”

P Hare


“Your work has been the essential missing piece in my healing journey. You have synthesized so much research in the biochemistry of emotion and its disease consequences. You have connected all the dots. That enables you to present a comprehensive and coherent view of the emotional trauma underlying so much disease today. I’m unaware of anyone else in the field doing what you do. Bravo! Thank you for giving me the critical knowledge I needed to be able to weather the emotional storms of healing. I couldn’t be doing it without you.”

David S


“I wanted to share some exciting news, we are moving to Dubai/UAE…the reason I wanted to share is because I could never have even considered doing this without your input, into my health and as inspiration to train myself, you have been a huge influence on quality of life… and the opportunity to have real adventures again. When we first consulted I could never have imagined being well enough to relocate like this. Thank you.”

Victoria F

Nutritional Therapist

“I wanted to thank you so much for all your help.  I am now feeling great and enjoying normal energy levels which is so amazing!  I have gone from needing to sleep for 2 to 3 hours in the afternoons to having a quick nap for half an hour after lunch.  It is so great to have all this extra time and energy! Looking back it is amazing to see how far I have come.”

C Smith


“Thank you so much for everything you have done to help me to increase my physical health.  It has been really great to be able to contact you and talk to someone who understands this illness and have a positive plan.  I feel so much better… I have felt supported all the way, which has also been really important, so thank you!”

B Knox


“My IBS symptoms have almost gone. I had been suffering this problem for at least 20 years.  Having someone who knows about this illness and understands how it really feels was a great help.  I would recommend the treatment to anyone who has fatigue.”

Linda W

Meditation Teacher

“The help made a marked difference and also very quickly – within 2 weeks of starting. Been ill for over 16 ½ years and suffered these symptoms throughout that time: 1. Back of head, neck tender and painful to touch and to lie on pillow. This disappeared in 2 weeks and 4 months on has not reappeared – fantatstic. 2. much less tense – coiled spring feeling has eased and nearly totally gone3. when rest and relax, not overcome by head pains and whirling thoughts etc Also general energy and stamina improved noticeably since starting supplements. I had given up thinking about “being normal” ever again, however the improvement I have experienced has given me new hope.”

Patrica D


Claim Your Free Spot NOW – Value $197

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The Emotional Detox FREE Master Class provides the most radically inclusive, comprehensive roadmap to optimizing mental and physical wellbeing in existence today. Whether you are in the midst of a health crisis or committed to feeling fabulous and having abundant levels of endless energy, this training will be exceptionally useful to you and your goals.

By submitting this form, I consent to receive offers and related promotional communications from Niki Gratrix.
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The information in the Emotional Detox Masterclass is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or any medical diagnosis, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. If you have a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you read in this educational report or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency services immediately.

The information in the Emotional Detox Masterclass is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional mental health advice or any mental health diagnosis, nor is the information a substitute for professional mental health expertise or treatment. If you have a mental health concern, you should consult with your licensed mental health care provider or seek other professional mental health treatment. Never disregard professional mental health advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you read in this educational course or in any linked materials. If you think you may have a mental health emergency, such as feeling suicidal, call your doctor, mental health professional or emergency services immediately.