The topic in this week’s healing circle is Physical Mastery through building the Merkabah.

We are going to talk about how building a Merkabah can overcome food intolerances, and other genetic weaknesses such as slow methylation, pyroluria,  liver detox pathway imbalances, histamine and salicylate problems and more.

This one is definitely not to be missed!

Join over 1000 people for the live guided musical healing and 1 hour live Q and A below, and don’t miss out on our free weekly Yoga therapy class every Saturday.

Yoga therapy is a perfect complement to help us ground during Ascension and release stuck energies.

See you all this weekend!

Much joy and blessings,



What People Are Saying


Thank you Niki and Doris for the wonderful yoga classes!  I’ve been really struggling with adrenal fatigue, lots of sadness coming up and stress. I’m guessing that my body is out of balance.  I’m having trouble sleeping through the night and having trouble getting out of my head.  I just finished the yoga replay and it’s the first time I felt present and in my body.  So thank you!!!  This will help me immensely!

What a blessing you are to me! This meditation is helping me to release deep seated emotional pain from utero on. To be trapped in sorrow for so many years and not have the tools to heal is truly crucifying. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your gifts with those like myself longing to become whole and complete. God’s blessings on you and yours!

 I just wish to tell you that your meditation exercise is very extraordinarily unique.  I had tried other meditation exercises, but I am not sure what is the special ingredient/s or recipes which made your meditation so special, that I find my brain longs to go back to that parasympathetic state when I listen to your meditations.  As a result, suddenly I have self-awareness that my brain has always been in a state of fight, flee and freeze, so I need to retrain my neural connections to be calm, grounded and mindful of who I am, by constantly visualise and re-direct my brain to that calm and restful state when I listen to your meditations.I just wish to say thank you to you Niki for so generously sharing your meditations to help people to grow out of their traumatic neural states