Science has confirmed that stress and emotional trauma speed up the aging process and reduce life span – but – the great news is, this impact can be reversed!

Join me on the free Healthy Aging Masterclass with 25 other leading doctors and experts, run by iKE ALLEN & Ande Anderson, Co-Owners of AVAIYA University (creators & teachers of transformational courses, books, films and online events such as Believe & Receive, Breaking Free From Abandonment and The Gratitude Effect).

Here’s some of what you will learn:

· The damaging effects of stress on aging & practices to relax, de-stress, and find peace

· The link between creating secure attachments in your relationships for health & longevity

· What happens to the body as we age, from a natural healing perspective

· How childhood trauma influences aging & strategies on how to heal the past

· The power of resiliency, empowering thoughts & beliefs on the aging process

· How to maintain vitality through being authentic

· Top misconceptions about aging

· How to live a life focused on CREATING health rather than just preventing disease

· The physical & mental benefits of knowing You Are Enough!

· How telomeres influence health and longevity

· How to reduce oxidative stress & inflammation in the body

· The link between fasting and anti-aging & tips on how to incorporate fasting into your life

· Dietary tips and tricks to slow the aging process & improve your vitality

· The anti-aging benefits of meditation, yoga, breathwork, exercise, sound sleep, herbal remedies and so much more…!

Here is the lineup of teachers speaking during the online masterclass:

Panache Desai, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Lloyd Burrell, Dr. Daniel Pompa, Dianne Porchia, Niki Gratrix, Stacey Murphy, Dr. Dan Kalish, Sachin Patel, Dipika Delmenico, Dr. Cam McDonald, Dr. Mark Emerson, Sue Ingebretson, Rob Wergin, KP Khalsa, Robert Scott Bell, Mindy & Bruce Mylrea, Dr. Steven Weiniger, Christine Cannon, Dianne Bailey, Dr. Nima Rahmany, Dr. Robyn Benson, Mel Tempest, Suzie Senk, Laura Rimmer, Andrea Leonard, Mel Tempest, Dr. Ed Park, Judy Foreman, George & Sedena Cappannelli, Wowza, Lisa Jackson, & Dr. Jacqueline Chan.

I hope to see you at the event – register your free spot here now.

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