SupplementsThis is a fantastic research paper on why medicine should be personalized published in the world leading science journal: Nature. The title says it all, and backs up what I recently discussed with the President of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute recently: Dr Jeff Bland. State-of-the- art medicine will be PERSONALIZED – there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to optimizing energy or recovering from fatigue or tackling any other major chronic complex disease:

Time for one person trials – Precision medicine requires a different type of clinical trial that focuses on the individual , not average responses to therapy

It’s a shame when I see people in the CFS community suggesting certain approaches must be a waste of time because it didn’t work for them – then they doubt the person (if they recovered were they really sick in the first place?) or the practitioner (who obviously must be in it for money?). This is based on a lack of understanding about science, genetics and the fact that the future of medicine is personalized. What works for one person wont work for another – one man’s medicine is another man’s poison.

I wrote extensively about this after attending the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Consortium in Seattle late last year. Enjoy!

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