The Abundant Health Meditation

The Abundant Health Guided Meditation is designed to be listened to every day, so that you change your emotional set point with regards to your health.

This is a unique energetically activated composition which has the potential to profoundly impact your emotions, energy field and therefore your biology and physical health. 

 Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Cost $30 USD

Listen to a Free Sample


So, this is what I experienced: Strong activation of my heart chakra – I feel a huge amount of pressure in the chakra area.  Then, I had this weird sensation of tingling that started in my toes and went right up through my body.  That was followed by really strong pains in my heart (like I was trying to release something) and then tears.  Woke up in the middle of the night with massive itching (always a sign for me of detoxification) and had to take 2 lots of liver supplements to take it down.  Was awake most of the night.  When I woke up this morning, I was exhausted and felt like I had been on the drink all night.  Needed coffee all morning just to keep me going.  And then it came to me what I had released…………….guilt and shame.  Clearly a lot of it!!
J Clementson
I love the meditation!
T Matthew
Thank you so much for sending me this precious meditation to me. I did my meditation today with your calming and gentle and truly loved it.  I specially enjoyed very much when you were talking about gratitude and healing different parts of our body. I just couldn’t stop my tears coming down, don’t know why!! But it really touched me. Thanks again for sharing it with me!! I will treasure it! 
N Ter Veld 
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