The Self-love Meditation

The Self-love Guided Meditation is designed to be listened to daily for deep subconscious and energetic reprograming of old negative beliefs often arising from early life experience

 Music: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

Cost $30 USD

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So, I’ve started doing your meditations twice a day as you suggested….and yes the effects do seem cumulative even in that short time. Came out in spots on my face yesterday (and I rarely get spots), their location of which appears to correlate with the detox organs on the facial reflexology map. Last night’s self-love meditation was super-powerful and activated first my heart chakra, then my throat chakra then my solar plexus and sacral chakras.  And then all I could taste was salt again.  Today, there is some stuck energy in my throat and chest – feels like something that I need to get off my chest.  On my run this morning, it was clear to me that I was releasing rejection fears.  That was the first day that I did them both.  

At this rate, I should be fully healed by the end of the month, haha!
J Clementson

Thank you Niki 🙏 I felt an overwhelming amount of love flow through my body as I was Meditating and I felt I had let go of something and my Body is getting stronger as the days go by 🙏 I now use your Guided Meditation everyday to further my Healing. I am grateful and indebted to you for your guided Meditation 🙏


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