Join me for my interview with Dr Jay Davidson on the topic of how stress and trauma impact mitochondrial health.

We discuss how stress and trauma trigger the “cell danger response,” and how the vagus nerve is the link between the mind and cellular health.

We also discuss “Polyvagal Theory” by Dr Stephen Porges and much more. Not to be missed!

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In the past two decades, mitochondria have been identified as signaling organelles that contribute to cell proliferation, death, and differentiation. 

Mitochondria are well-known as the powerhouses of the cell and are found within almost all living cells in varying numbers. They are small organelles floating freely through the cell that act like a digestive system, taking in nutrients, breaking them down and creating energy-rich molecules (ATP) for the cell. These processes of the cell are known as cellular respiration. 

Multiple reactions involved in cellular respiration occur in the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the organelles that keep the cell fueled with energy. Furthermore, mitochondria are unusual in that they have their own DNA and ribosomes (vital organelles that manufacture proteins) floating in their inner matrix.

Mitochondria play a critical role in activities that enable cells to function and help to maintain a healthy body, including:

  • Production of ATP
  • Calcium Homeostasis
  • Programmed Cell Death
  • Stem Cell Regulation 

Mitochondria can switch from being organelles which primarily produce ATP (the fuel source for cells) to organelles that produce both ATP and the building blocks for macromolecule synthesis. This switch enables them to meet the metabolic demands of various immune cells. 

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