Unresolved stress or trauma is often underlying most chronic health conditions including chronic fatigue, autoimmunity, burnout, anxiety, depression, many digestive related disorders and pain just to name a few.

In this superb upcoming summit, my friend Dr Heidi Hanna the Executive Director the American Institute of Stress is interviewing some of THE world-leading experts in stress and trauma to provide you with  some very simple tools and techniques to overcome stress – completely for free!

Reserve your free spot here!

The amazing speaker line up includes:

  • One of my favorite people, Dr Bessel van der Kolk, world-leading expert in trauma and Professor of psychiatry at Boston Medical School
  • Dr Stephen Porges, distinguished psychiatrist and founder of Polyvagal Theory
  • Dr Herbert Benson who introduced meditation and the relaxation method to medicine!
  • Dr Rick Hanson, Neuroscientist and multiple New York Times best-selling author on topics including hardwiring happiness, resilience and developing a Bhudda brain
  • And many more!

You do not want to miss this groundbreaking event, reserve your free spot here!

I’ll definitely be seeing you at this event!

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