KenWilberSo as some people are gathering, I am running a very large online health summit on overcoming fatigue and optimising energy where I have the honour of interviewing and working with around 30 world-renowned researchers, clinicians and scientists. I am collaborating with arguably the greatest theoretical psychologist ever and one of the most important philosophers of our times: Ken Wilber.

As some should know, when I originally co-founded the Optimum Health Clinic in London with Alex Howard, we designed the entire approach around Wilber’s “Integral Theory” – we explained how this theory works in practice with chronic fatigue in CAM magazine in 2009  – you can read this here.

Suffice to say – this is going to be a FREE online summit and everyone is going to be in for a real treat because we have the world-leading experts covering all aspects of health in the most comprehensive approach you could possibly imagine.

So we will cover nutrition and functional medicine with outstanding educators like the founding father of functional medicine Dr Jeff Bland, the world-leading expert in gluten sensitivity Dr Tom O Bryan, people who wrote the textbooks on things like healing leaky gut: Dr Liz Lipski, leading experts in Energy Medicine like Harry Massey and professor Gerald Pollack, experts on emotional health like Dr Rollin McCraty of Heartmath, experts in psychoneuroimmunology like Harvard-trained Dr Joan Borysenko and psychiatrists like Dr Judith Orloff from UCLA, lessons from nature from people like the evolutionary biologist Dr Elisabet Sahtouris and many many more.

For practitioners- we will also be getting CPD points from organisations like BANT and the ANA in the USA  for those who participate in the summit.

Registration is NOT yet open – when it is, of course I will send out notification…watch this space! To stay in touch about the summit – sign up to my newsletter on this website.

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