Autoimmune fixMy good friend, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, just finished his new book, “The Autoimmune Fix,” and is offering you over $1,000 in bonuses when placing a pre-launch copy. The book is 40% off today AND is already #1 in Top New Releases in 3 categories, including autoimmune and weight loss.

This book is the accumulation of his 30+ years in Practice. When we read the science, it becomes clear that Autoimmunity is the #1 mechanism in the development of degenerative diseases. Most cancers and cardio-vascular disease are autoimmune in their initiating phases. Dr. O’Bryan illustrates that this is an extremely critical piece of the education puzzle for people in enhancing their health.

Learn why autoimmunity is an epidemic in the modern world.  The book answers so many questions AND provides a step-by-step plan to help you live BETTER.

•    If I have an autoimmune disease, can it be treated?
•    What are the environmental factors that contribute to autoimmune disease?
•    Is there a link between nutrition and autoimmune disease?
•    Why does gluten sensitivity – and all food sensitivity – affect autoimmunity?

Go here to watch the1-minute movie and get the book and the gifts:

Here are just SOME of the bonuses you will receive– and more!

*  “Dr. Tom’s Tips to Rebalance Your Microbiome” and Fix Your Gut! (This is a “Sneak Peek” of Chapter 3 to download immediately.)
*  The Autoimmune Symptom Quiz: Determining Your Place on the Autoimmune Spectrum.
*  Access to a Facebook Group on Reversing Autoimmunity.
*  One month of access to Dr. Tom’s private membership site: GlutenFreeLearning.
* An enlightening podcast on How Gluten is connected to Autoimmunity.
* A new training video to learn more about gut health and how the microbiome works.
* “The Best of the Gluten Summit” (29 top pearls of wisdom from leading experts – our viewers told us that these highlights changed their life, even saved some lives!)
*  The Hidden Sources of Gluten Guide!
* AND more!

Let this book be an invitation to your NEW and healthy, vibrant life!
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Thank you for your support. Together we will change the results of the current health paradigm.

To Your Health,


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