In 2009 while I was still a Director at The Optimum Health Clinic, we wrote an article which was published in CAM magazine, the main magazine for complementary and alternative therapists in the UK after the Clinic won the CAM Award for Outstanding Practice.

It lays out how Ken Wilber’s Integral Approach can be applied to the treatment for CFS/ME. The conventional medical model is too reductionistic to be useful in approaching chronic complex illnesses like CFS/ME. Even the functional medical models as laid out by the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), which takes a more “systems” approach is not adequate when we are also dealing with a mind-body approach. Integral Theory by far represents the best current available model we have to help understand, and of course successfully treat chronic complex illnesses like CFS/ME:

cam awards article

My ex-business parter and colleague Alex Howard re-wrote the article along with Dr Megan Arroll and added citations, and their article was then published in Ken Wilber’s peer-reviewed academic journal: The Journal of Integral Theory and Practice -read the paper here:
Article by Alex Howard and Dr Megan Arroll
I went on to write another article in Quantum Health Magazine extending the Integral Model to take more account of the “levels” of healing, bringing in Dr Deitrich Klingardt’s work on the 5 Levels of Healing which you can read here:

Integral Theory as The New Face of Healthcare

“Integral Theory as the New Face of Healthcare” by Niki Gratrix, was published in Quantum Health magazine (Issue 15). It is reprinted by permission, all rights reserved, © 2011 Quantum Health. Quantum Health is an online-only, interactive magazine that features global coverage of the emerging field of energetic medicine.


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