I have a special gift for you…

My friend Dr. Z and his wife just finished filming a 10-Part Video Masterclass that will give you the confidence that you need to make healing remedies for your body & non-toxic natural recipes for your home with essential oils.

To announce their Global Premiere of Essential Oils for Abundant Living this February 20 – March 1, they are giving YOU a FREE access pass because you’re part of my online tribe!

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I truly appreciate your support and your joining my community means the world to me!

Wherever you are in your essential oil journey, I guarantee you will discover some golden nuggets that you can start putting into practice today!

Consider this an all-you-can-eat buffet of expert tips and DIY hacks to help you and your family enjoy abundant health with essential oils!

Just check out this line-up:

Quick Start Guide

Setting the Foundation

  • Lesson 1: Aromatherapy Quick-Start Guide
  • Lesson 2: Inhalation Guide & Safety Tips
  • Lesson 3: Topical Application Guide & Safety Tips
  • Lesson 4: Internal Use Guide & Safety Tips

Natural Solutions for a Toxic-Free Home

  • Lesson 5: DIY Body Care Products
  • Lesson 6: DIY Cleaning Products
  • Lesson 7: Cooking with Essential Oils 

Regaining Control of Your Health

  • Lesson 8: Preventing Disease with Essential Oils
  • Lesson 9: Treating Disease with Essential Oils
  • Lesson 10: Advanced Strategies & Protocols

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Distilling down what takes aromatherapists months and even years to learn, the Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass delivers an easy-to-follow roadmap so you can start to use essential oils in home with confidence.

Discover how to give your medicine cabinet a makeover and start to use essential oils for abundant living today!

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P.S.  The Essential Oils for Abundant Living Masterclass is only available for FREE from February 20 – March 1, so be sure to REGISTER TODAY!

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