Hi Niki,

I’m excited to announce that later this month I will be launching a free weekly Sound and Meditation Healing Circle online!

During these hour-long sessions, I’ll be sharing my newly recorded musical meditations and very powerful psycho-energetic sound healing meditations that I have not yet made public.

They will be shared through a standard online webinar format.


In the meantime here are details about an awesome FREE event:

The Healing with Vibration Summit


Please join me (and tens of thousands of others) for the Healing With Vibrations event and take your health and life into your hands. (Enjoy every moment of this FUN and OUTSTANDING event.)

My good friend Lloyd Burrell, the EMF expert who also spoke on my Trauma and Mind Body Super Conference, has managed to bring together a spectacular group of speakers who are all experts in energetic health and medicine!

On this amazing free event you’ll learn about healing modalities you’ve never imagined before!

  • Learn to use Schumann Resonance, Quantum Energy, Near InfraRed Light Protocol and so much more!
  • Discover solutions for a totally natural and free way of relaxing your autonomic nervous system in just a few seconds!
  • Learn how to reduce inflammation and reconnect to the energies of the planet and the universe within 30 minutes.

You can take control and tune in to energies and vibration that elevate your health and the health of your loved ones, and even humanity itself.

Click here to join the Healing With Vibration Summit.

Take care for now,

Niki and The Emotional Detox Team

PS: I hope you say yes to this very unique and valuable FREE event – a priceless education and energetic opportunity.

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