In case you missed my email or post from a a few days ago, I  have a superb solution for you. 

I am offering a FREE Emotional Detox Video Masterclass Series, and I just released Video 2 of the training. 

You can sign up here to get access to all the videos released so far. 

It’s FREE –  but hurry, the training comes down within 9 days  


The feedback from video 1 has been phenomenal:

“WOW WOW WOW, amazed by the detailed information and reference to research. So well put together and easy to understand. Thank you!”

“Wow Niki, thank you! I feel like I just attended a full day’s educational session. Such a superb presentation, I have emailed friends who I think will also benefit.” 

“Wonderfully comprehensive navigation through the many origins of chronic health conditions and challenges. Thank you Niki for bringing this all together in a practical and accessible style”

Video 2

In the first video, we gave you the first step of five Iwill cover in the Masterclass training, which included learning how you have at least “three bodies” to consider for your mental and physical health, not just one, and how to create an amazing upward virtuous spiral in your mental and physical wellbeing.

In video 2 I am going to discuss remarkable research behind diet and lifestyle strategies to boost mood and energy, and the importance of stimulating the vagus nerve for optimum mental and emotional health.

Do you know what your vagus nerve is?

The vagus nerve, also called the “nerve of compassion” is the “rest, digest, detoxify, feed and breed” side of the autonomic nervous system. It’s the opposite of the “fight flight” response. 

When the vagal tone is reduced by stressors, you shorten lifespan, have less energy and increase the risk of all causes of mortality.

Did you know that when you stimulate the vagus nerve:

  • It can heal depression, anxiety and PTSD
  • It allows you to connect into a safe space inside which supports and helps heal trauma
  • Cutting-edge science shows it switches off inflammation and can even cure autoimmunity and fibromyalgia, all causes of depression and other mood disorders
  • It is responsible for healing the gut lining – literally it creates tight junctions between cells in the epithelial layer of your gut  – and we know the health of your gut directly affects your mood
  • You feel uplifted, vital, energetic and socially connected – having a high vagal tone FEELS GOOD!
  • And much more

So how do you actually stimulate your vagus nerve? There are many, many ways and we will be sharing fifteen cutting edge tools and practical strategies to do just that.

What does that mean for you? It means you can overcome anxiety and depression and have a sustained OPTIMUM MOOD and ENERGY!

So, if you’re looking for cutting edge tools and science to boost mood and overcome stress and emotional lability…  

Then go watch this video now.

 >>> CLICK HERE to watch Video 2 right now.

Get ready for superb keys to BETTER mental health and a better life  – starting today.

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PS: Normally I charge $197 for this Masterclass training… But right now, it’s completely FREE.

More Example Feedback from Video 1

“I absolutely loved your first video. I am finishing my training as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist and am fascinated with Trauma, Attachment and Somatic Experiencing. I learned so much from your video. Can’t wait to hear more. Very well explained. I myself suffer from ACE related issues. Its makes so much sense now after listening to you. Thank you.”


“Hi there Niki, this has been the most profound informative information I have ever been exposed to.”


“This is great. Succinct and clear. Vitamin L is a proper description of the lack or deficiency many of us suffer. I enjoy your energy, love that you empathize openly with us, calling yourself an empath even, and that you are spelling it out that you are there for us, the highly sensitive ones. Plus wonderful mentors are mentioned. Superb. Thank you.”



“This is really great, research-backed information given provided in a clear and engaging style — thank you! It also really brings home the point that you need to tackle all three areas — psycho-energetic, brain & nervous system and physical — to heal.”


“Thank you so much Nikki, I have been stuck in hyperarousal for the last 4 years, watching your video gave me so many answers to why this is”


“Understanding how the three ‘bodies’ must be healed together was the most vital piece of information I learned today. Where, and how we will be “stuck” in the psycho-energetic, the brain and nervous system or the biochemical levels if we ignore any one area is a game changer in how I approach my healing. The specific examples within each system was priceless. Niki, I thank you for this master class!”


“Your meditation is amazing and I’m committing to doing it every night! Thank you for all your amazing help,.”


Thanks so much Niki, very important info…..I’ve done so much work on myself but know there’s more. Looking forward to the following videos.


Wonderful meditation… Great text and music… I can already feel how playing it everyday for 2 to 3 months will be beneficial ! Thanks a lot Niki for this


“Thank You, Niki, for your very informative teaching in Video 1 that I listened to yesterday. And I found your meditation on Love hopeful and validating”


“So glad I found you, Niki. You are a fantastic wealth of information, and what I realize is the next step in my personal journey to better emotional and physical health. Plus, you exude warmth and caring. I look forward to all of the master class episodes.”


“Hi Niki! First of all, I just want to say I’m so thankful to have access to this because it seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for after trying so many different things without seeing the lasting changes I desire. Thank you so much for making this available”


“Thank you -there was so much pithy important material in that first video.”


“I really love what you are doing and it has helped immensely so far.


“Nikki I want to tell you Thank You very much!!! This is so needed, people need to have access to knowledge if we want to see a better world education is so needed, everyone needs to do their part, you are inspiring, the rippling effects are beyond imagination. I learned a lot and loved the meditation, powerful!” 

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