This weekend we have our two highly popular regular healing events. From the feedback we received last week, we know that people loved Dori’s new free Yoga Therapy class – more details about that below!

Weekly Sound Healing Circle Update

In this week’s two hour Healing Circle on Sunday 13th June at 1pm Eastern/6pm UK time we will cover the “Meditation Effect” – understand what happens when groups of people meditate together and how building your Merkabah (light body) impacts this effect, and we’ll give some extra detox support tips this week, along side the usually 40 minute group healing and 1 hour live Q and A.

If you have not already signed up to the Weekly Healing Circle – join up here.

Free Weekly Yoga Therapy Class

Niki’s outstanding Yoga Therapist Doris Puehringer is back tomorrow Saturday 12th June (and every Saturday) offering a FREE 90 minute online yoga class at 1pm EST USA/6pm UK time (12 hour replay is available).

We have listened to the feedback carefully and have some additional support for people we will share at the start of the class.

This type of therapy is a profound support for the work taking place in the Sunday Weekly Healing circle, as well as for trauma and stress release. Learn more and register here.

What People Are Saying About Last Week

That was brilliant! I’ve barely moved for a few years now because of body pain. I have tried a few yoga classes but they seemed impossibly difficult and I didn’t make it through. This was the perfect balance between challenging and doable for my body. Somehow Doris’s class helped me change my mindset from “my body can no longer move this way” to, “This is challenging and eventually my body will relax into these poses and release the pain”. I’m feeling hopeful and excited for the first time in a very long time. The best part was the moment when I suddenly remembered how amazing it could feel to be in my body and move. It was actually euphoric. Thank you Doris for this gift! Love and light

I loved that it was so gentle and that Doris kept reminding me to do things like relax my shoulders which were almost always tense every time she instructed us to relax them. She spends a lot of time explaining the proper position of your body which is very good so we don’t end up hurting ourselves. I LOVE that she included Qigong.

The class was great – it was a combo of the pre nidra stretches my current yoga teacher uses, plus some of the yin moves she teaches; but also a lot of it was like a yin class I took a few years ago. The teacher is a healer and did many of the things Doris recommended- like stretching the feet. So it was a real joy to experience this again with Doris, plus new things I hadn’t done before. But the wonder really started afterwards- I could feel the looseness in my joints, the free flowing energy throughout my body. I haven’t felt like that in many many years. It was so freeing, and whilst I was in quite a good mood today it really sent me soaring. I’m so delighted with the results so far. Really looking forward to next week. Thank you both so very very much.

Anyway, take care for now and I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow and Sunday!