This week we are delighted to offer a brand new weekly Yoga Therapy class on Wednesdays with our brilliant instructor Doris Puehringer.

Over 500 people now regularly attend Doris’s free highly popular Saturday class! See the feedback below.

Don’t miss out on accessing a up to 20% discount on the Wednesday classes – this is only available until this Wednesday 30th June.

What People Are Saying

That was brilliant! I’ve barely moved for a few years now because of body pain. I have tried a few yoga classes but they seemed impossibly difficult and I didn’t make it through. This was the perfect balance between challenging and doable for my body. Somehow Doris’s class helped me change my mindset from “my body can no longer move this way” to, “This is challenging and eventually my body will relax into these poses and release the pain”. I’m feeling hopeful and excited for the first time in a very long time. The best part was the moment when I suddenly remembered how amazing it could feel to be in my body and move. It was actually euphoric. Thank you Doris for this gift!

Absolutely loved the yoga class!! Thank you for offering it for free! I look forward to next week session already! I also so appreciate your healing work – thank you for all you do and share as well! Many blessings!

Today my husband and I participated in the Yoga session. I have been doing yoga for decades and he has been doing chair yoga for several years. We both found today’s session to be excellent. I picked up a few tips that I hadn’t been aware of. Thank you! With sincere gratitude,

This Sunday’s Weekly Healing Circle: The 7 Keys to Abundance Part II

In this week’s sound Healing Circle, Niki will cover the remaining three steps in the 7 Keys to Abundance she began last week:

  1. Align with Your Soul
  2. Know thyself
  3. Transmute your frequency
  4. Release resistance
  5. Trust
  6. Gratitude
  7. Open to physically receiving

If you haven’t yet joined over 1300 people on the live or replay of the event, find out more and register here.

What People Are Saying

A week of major ascension thanks to you! wow! I must say the work you are sharing in your healing circles is quite possibly the most powerful ascension work I’ve experienced. You said things would exponentially increase and I can say that it’s happening. So a big big thank you for everything you’re doing to lead this group. I am so grateful! …. and spending lots of time in the bath to relieve the symptoms. Ha!

I’ve been wanting to write to you for quite some time to thank you for the excellent sound healing sessions you do every Sunday. I have been participating since you started in September and also listen on my own at least 5x/week. I have noticed significant progress in my overall wellbeing and am very grateful to you. It is very generous of you to offer these sessions for free. You are a blessing to the world.

Take care for now and see you all shortly!