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This Sunday’s Weekly Healing Circle: The 7 Keys to Abundance


In this week’s healing circle we will be covering the crucial steps to increasing abundance in your lives, along side our essential 40 minute group sound healing and 1 hour live Q and A. We might return to this topic a few times in the coming weeks!  

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What People Are Saying


I am absolutely loving the learnings from the weekly events. I listen to them on catch up. My back pain has eased, my outlook has improved and I am embracing the pendulum testing and getting some revealing answers to questions. Yours in gratitude.

Thanks so much for everything you do your work is the without a doubt the most important way of life for me now, i have a committed schedule for commands and meditations every day that are a priority for me.  Your work has changed my life since i found you Nov last year, your warm energy often shows up when i am connected into Source like a big sister

Hi, thank you so much for this wonderful yoga class – I’m loving doing it!

I have been on the healing circles almost since you began. Today was a profound  embodiment as I toned my singing bowls chakra by chakra along with you during the first field clearing meditation. Wow. Thank you for all you do.

See you all shortly!

Take care for now,