Earthing is a truly important part of maintaining or regaining your health. I believe it is highly important for people suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and  all other illnesses related to sleep problems, pain and inflammation – which are most chronic illnesses we face today!

Just as the sun provides us with warmth and the all important Vitamin D for optimum health and well-being, the earth actually provides us with something most people don’t realise. It provides us with large amounts of natural, balancing energy.

The energy is transferred through the conductance of electrons from the earth through our bodies – but only when we are in direct contact with the earth. Most people don’t realise our bodies conduct electricity – yet we are mostly made of water and minerals (electrolytes) which are highly conductive.

We are like light bulbs that need to connect to our power source, and when we don’t, it’s like the bulb has a faulty wire and flickers, is weak, or doesn’t work at all.

The Earth is a 6 sex-trillion (that’s 6 with 21 zeros after it) megaton battery – and we need to connect to it – daily.

You can only earth when you are barefoot on either soil (earth), sand, grass or concrete. Plastic, wood, asphalt, vinyl and rubber don’t conduct and connect us. Humans have lived for centuries connected to the earth – but our modern day rubber or plastic shoes and our homes with wooden floors and synthetic carpets don’t allow us to “recharge,” conduct and connect to the earth.

Earthing can help you feel great – have you never noticed how good you feel walking barefoot on grass or the beach? You may have noticed tingling or a “bouncy” sensation. Imagine sleeping earthed – all night? This may be the difference between having a great nights sleep, feeling good – and not feeling so great, and feeling tired from a poor night’s sleep.

Most of us – especially in colder or wetter climates can’t go outside barefoot regularly – hence we can recreate this through the using of “earthing” bed sheets – these are sheets which ensure your bed – and therefore you – are earthed throughout the night. Imagine sleeping on grass or a the floor of a wood or forest all night…

To read and understand in more detail the results of clinical studies which show being earthed is of benefit to health, read the article: Earthing: The Clinical Evidence

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions about Earthing:

Can I wear any type of footwear and still be earthed?

No – most shoes are made with rubber or plastic or composite materials that do not conduct electricity. Leather and hide do work. Barefoot is best however.

Can Earthing protect me from cell phone frequencies?

There is no research to confirm either way that earthing blocks out or protects the body from cell phone frequencies.

Can earthing help me with Jetlag?

YES! Try it for yourself. As soon as you land, try to find a spot of grass, beach, sand or concrete and stand barefoot for at least 30 minutes if you can. See how you feel – you should notice your body clock adjusting to the local time better!

What is the difference between using magnets and earthing?

Magnets cannot provide free electrons, nor can they connect the body with the naturally balancing electric frequencies of the Earth.

How many minutes or hours a day do I need to be grounded in order to feel results?

Being connected barefoot to the earth for 30 minutes twice per day could be enough – but sleeping through the night will be far provide the greatest results. Sometimes the response is fast/dramatic for others it is more gradual.

Are there people who sleep grounded and don’t feel anything, or for whom grounding doesn’t work?

Everybody benefits in some way, but we are all different. Someone with radiant health and who sleeps well may not feel any difference, however, connecting to the Earth is helping to preserve and perpetuate the precious commodity of good health. Earthing, I believe is a natural form of anti-aging, whether you feel it or not.

Can I get too much of the Earth’s energy by sleeping grounded every night?

Throughout most of history we walked barefoot and slept on the ground. We were directly connected to the Earth almost 24/7. That’s what our bodies are used to. The combination of insulating shoes and elevated beds has separated us from the natural electric frequencies of the Earth. Our body knows exactly what to do with what the Earth provides for us. When we connect to the Earth the amount of the electrons we absorb is driven by the amount our body needs to balance the electrical charge of our body. It is always the perfect amount.

To do your own research I recommend reading “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?” by Clinton Ober and Dr Stephen Sinatra M.D. and Martin Zucker.

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